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March Resolution Results…

Below are my March resolutions. The bold comments are the results for the end of the month.

1. Actively seek God in my day to day life, worshiping Him and bring Him glory.
Actively seek daily, yes. Short prayers here and there, wanting to do God’s will not my own. I guess you can call this a work in progress resolution though.

2. No myspace. You still want to leave me a comment or message you can at my myspace page, I just won’t be checking them until April 1st. And everyone can hold me accountable since it shows last login date on my profile.
YEAH! Success! I have not been on myspace in a month. Was it hard? Honestly not really. What have I learned? That there are many other things to waste my time on, it doesn’t all have to be on myspace. It’s officially been April for 24 minutes and I STILL haven’t gone on myspace. 🙂

3. No makeup. Yes, I’ll still be wearing it, I just won’t be purchasing it for the month. I have a ton of makeup, and it’s time to reduce inventory.
Check. I think I did get to throw away some stuff I used up.

4. Lose 5 pounds. Same as last month and the next 9 months of the year. Time to get serious, June is only 3 months away.
I think my monthly total was somewhere in the 2 pound range. That’s better than a gain…

5. Exercise. I don’t have to belong to a gym to do this. I am going to exercise in some form or another at least 3 times a week.
I failed royally at this one. I think I worked out intentionally one day all month. Don’t get me wrong, I did activities that could be considered exercise but I didn’t necessarily look at them as that.

6. Go somewhere out of the area. I live so close to a lot, time to experience and enjoy it.
Planned on going to Carmel, that didn’t happen. Dreamed of going to Montana de Oro (near San Luis Obispo) to just sit on the beach alone, had to work yesterday instead (stupid end of the month counting!). Going somewhere out of the area didn’t happen this month. But it will next month, I’m going to DC baby!

7. Target is back in the pictures, just in moderation. Time to shop only by a list of needs. And no, that does not mean that I’ll be making the list as I shop. 🙂
I can honestly say that I only went to Target 2 maybe 3 times this month. WOW, I know!

8. Heavily pursue finding a new job.
Heavily pursue… Well, I found out that I was declined for the two potentials that I was interviewing for. So, the pursuing continues.

And for the Lent season I have given up soda.
Still going. But I haven’t had a soda since before the Lent season started.

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