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2008 Goals: Update

WOW! 2 months are gone, and 10 to go. I think I’ll occasionally will update you on how my goals for the year are going. So here ya go…

Lose 10 pounds…by May. Then another 10 by the end of the year.
I’m about 8 pounds down. Not even kidding!
Get a tattoo.
Well, I’ve had a temporary tattoo on my left foot for about 3 weeks that my sister put on me. I didn’t even realize that they hold up that long. But I kinda like the placement and size of it. Now for the real one…
Move out.
Soon and very soon…
Go to Hawaii.
Looks like sometime in October we’ll be going as a family.
Look into Grad School.
No progress.
Take and pass the GMAT.
Haven’t even started looking into it yet. I’ve still got 10 months.
Weekend wine tasting trip with friends.
No progress.
Make it to at least one concert.
Going to Rascal Flatts with Kaitlin in April. Her ticket is her birthday gift from me.
Reread all of the Harry Potter books.
Trying to just get through all the books I have and have yet to read first.
Attend church more often.
So far I’ve been every Sunday this year! Yeah Me! Yeah God!
Get my passport.
I’ve filled out the application…twice… I just need to get my picture taken and go to the post office so they can process the paperwork.
Make a real quilt, for myself by myself.
I’m about half way done with it! Again, yeah Me! Although, being as I was banned from using my mom’s and my sister’s machines, I had to buy my own.
Reconnect with old friends.
Working on it always. One day at a time.
Take life as it’s dealt to me with a positive attitude.
Honestly, I think I’m going about this very well.
Take a fun class at a local college or adult school.
Need to look into summer classes. I’m thinking Underwater Basket Weaving sounds like a fun class.
Visit my siblings at where they are living more often.
Haven’t done yet. But I will.
Let people know how much I truely appreciate them.
I haven’t been very successful at this one. Granted, I haven’t told anyone I don’t appreciate them. Just so you know, I appreciate YOU!
Take more day trips.
Boo me. I’ve only gone to L.A. for a quick overnight to see Wicked.
Date more.
How? I don’t know how to get dates to date more. Help!
Focus more on God and spending more time with Him.
Ummm…ok… So I haven’t been the most successful with this one either.

Until next time…

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