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Merry Christmas to Me!

True to my Christmas form, this year just the same as past years, I got myself a gift.  Something to splurge on.  Something that maybe I’ve been eyeing or wanting for awhile.  And this year, just as before, I did it.  This year, it worked out perfectly.  I’ve been eyeing what is called a Shootsac.  And quite honestly, I was gonna wait to get one. 
But then it happened.  Black Friday.  And Shootsacs went on sale.  Something that only happens once a year.  And by golly, I didn’t want to wait another year before getting one.  I’ve been having…issues…with my current camera bag and have heard nothing but raves and reviews about this one.  So I did it.  I removed it from my Christmas list and ordered one. 
Let me say, there is nothing plan about any part of the product.  The detail, down to shipping, is exquisite.  Just take a look…
How pretty is that box?!?!  I saved it.  And then I used it to wrap a present for Rylen.
Everything was laid out so nicely.  Even after shipping things didn’t shift.
The basic Shootsac.  Made of neoprene (like a wetsuit).
Come on!  Look at the metal pieces on the bag.  The strap is thick, thick like a seat belt material.
The basic bag.  On me.  Me standing on a chair so I can catch my reflection in the mirror on my buffet.  Hence the slight squating.
But since everything was on sale I didn’t stop at just the bag.  I got a cover too.  A really pretty one.  The baroque patterned one.  I’m a sucker for baroque.  
And it’s suedey on the back side (aka the side that is against the shootsac).
And here I am with the baroque cover.
I can’t wait to get out there and put this to good use.  I’m excited for the ease and comfort of it too!
Now…I need to find out how to clean the cover.  You know, for future reference.  Or in case a certain brother accidentally spills red wine that gets on it… 

Courtney - December 30, 2009 - 5:09 pm

Why yes he did… And he still doesn't understand what the big deal is. I'm like, it's brand new and not cheap. Dude, I know it was an accident, but an apology is still in order. Luckily, just dabbing warm water and a little windex (!) good most of it out. I put my camera, lens down, in the bag, but am careful still. I'll work on inside pictures, and I'll need my lovely assistant, my sister. 🙂

Jill - December 30, 2009 - 1:26 pm

I hope you're not saying your brother spilled (spilt? that's not right) red wine on your new pretty cover!!! I would have committed murder, I think. At any rate, congratulations–it is beautiful! Can you put your whole camera in there or just the lenses? I've always been a little confused by it. Maybe sometime you could take photos of the inside of it showing where things go? 😀

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