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December/2009 Update

Let’s get these 2009 resolutions done and over with!

  1. Run (not walk) a 5k race.
    12 – This did not happen. 
    10/11 – Ok, you know what.  Let’s just forget about this one for the year.  ‘Cause I’m gonna tell you the same thing after December.  I failed!  What I need to do is get into a regular walk/jog/exercise routine.
    09 – Nope, still hasn’t happened.

    08 – Negative ghost writer.

    07 – Dare I tell you the truth? I’m sure you can guess what it is. Boo me!

    06 – How do you spell out the sound that is made on games shows when they get the wrong answer? Yea, that’s the sound I’m making right now.

    05 – Ummm… I admit it. I SUCK! Besides moving the massive pile of bricks from my backyard I did
    04 – HA! Well, I maybe went on a couple walky-jogs. I’ve yet to sign up to race in anything. Need more training!

    03 – Definitely went walk/jogging more often in March. Oh, and crunches, I’ve done some crunches!
    02 – I’ve gone walking a few more times than I did in January. That’s progress!
    01 – So, ah, I’ve gone walking once or twice. That’s a start!
  2. Read the Bible in a year.
    12 – Completed!  In December I read/finished:  Psalm, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Luke, Ezekiel, and Isaiah.
    10/11 – I’m right on track to be done on December 31st.  In October I completed: Revelations, 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians, Nehemiah and Ester.  In November I read through: 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon, James, 1 Peter, 2 Peter and Jeremiah.
    09 – Finished reading John, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, 2 Chronicles, Malachi, Jude, and Ezra.  Currently a little behind with reading, but will be caught up by month’s end.
    08 – Completed 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, and Zechariah.

    07 – In July I finished reading Mark, Hosea, 1 Kings, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, and Jonah.
    06 – On track! Finished reading Romans, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel and Daniel.
    05 – Keepin’ up! Finished reading through Judges, Job, Ruth, Acts, and Joshua.
    04 – Still goin’! Finished Matthew, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.
    03 – On track! In March I’ve finished reading though Leviticus, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon.
    02 – I’m doing just dandy with this. I’ve completely read through Genesis, Exodus, and Hebrews. I’m almost done with Leviticus and Proverbs.
    01 – So far, so good!
  3. Lose 10 pounds.
    12 – I don’t even know where I am with this.  Well drat, I just calculated that I gained 2 pounds from 1/1 to 12/31.  At one point in 2009 I was down 10 pounds, back in March.  Does that count?  No?  Yea, I didn’t think so either.
    10/11 – My chart isn’t updated.  So you don’t get to see the little line that goes up and down from day to day.  I’m about at the same point I was in September, and my goal is to stay there into the start of 2010.
    09 – Dropped another 3.1 pounds!  Go me!
    08 – Down .2 pound.  Yep, every little bit counts!

    07 – So I don’t know where I am. Mid July I got a new scale, which wasn’t the same as my old one. There was about a 4 pound difference. So you’ll get a number come next month. I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say I maintained.
    06 – From the first day of June to the last day of June I weighed the same. There of course was variation throughout the month.
    05 – Broke even…
    04 – I warn you, I wasn’t down. I kinda slipped. See chart below… (Shown is March and April)
    03 -Down 1 pound. Hey, it’s a loss! See chart below…
    02 – 5.5 pounds down…from returning cruise weight…
    01 – So what if I told you that I was down 9 pounds by my own scale in just January alone? Yep, it’s true. Wanna see my chart? Of course you do!

  4. Post a picture a day…taken on that day… instead of a quote a day.
    12 – Done!  And I included my daily bible reading in the posts.
    10/11 – Yep, it’s done.  Although, just like in past months, the pictures aren’t necessarily from that day.
    09 – Almost caught up…
    08 – Working on getting caught up.

    07 – Yep.
    06 – Something like that. It’s getting done regardless. I have been playing more with photoshop and have been using photoshopped pictures.
    05 – Yep. A picture is going up each day. Sometimes there are lags between days due to intermittent internet.
    04 – Still not a picture from that day, but posting pictures from within the time frame of the date. Flowers are in bloom and beautiful, plus they’re easy subjects, so I’ve taken a lot of flower pictures.
    03 – Still not doing the best on the picture being from that day, but whatever, I’m posting a picture a day.
    02 – After the cruise I slacked on taking a picture a day. But I was still posting a picture a day. I’ll work on that…
    01 – Ok, so I’ve slacked a few days. But I get caught up!
  5. Have monthly dinner party, or at least invite some friends over for dinner.
    12 – I wouldn’t say it was monthly, but I did have friends or family over multiple times in 2009.  I’ll say I completed it!
    10/11 – I’m thinking back… I can’t remember if I did this or not.  Can anyone remember?  I am having a Christmas shindig though!
    09 – Hosted TND in September.  Homemade pizzas was a smashing hit!
    08 – Denied!

    07 – Hosted family. That’s about it. July = hot = me no wanna cook in my west facing kitchen.
    06 – TND was at my place last Tuesday of June. Other than that it’s just been my family. Nothing new and exciting has been made though.

    05 – Boo! I’ve had my family over. But I did gather friends for my birthday dinner!…at BJ’s…
    04 – Well, I had people over, wait no that was May 1st. Ah! Yes, I had a lunch buffet sandwich building business thing for those giving souls that helped work on my path. (I still need to share my path don’t I?)
    03 – Woot woot! Hosted TND on the 5th Tuesday. Total about 15 people came. I made this for dinner. It was good! Making a vow to have people over more often.
    02 – The last couple weeks I’ve had my family over for dinner on Friday nights. And I’ve volunteered to have TND at my house the 5th Tuesday of March. I’ll let you know how that goes.
    01 – I failed for January. February isn’t over yet though…
  6. Down size possessions…aka clutter
    12 – Every church yard sale I’d send at least one garbage bag full of stuff.
    10/11 – Yea, I’m still finding stuff to get rid of.  I’ve got another yard sale pile started.
    09 – Sent pile to church yard sale!
    08 – Pile growing..

    07 – Moving things every now and then. I’ve got a little pile building up to get rid of.
    06 – Finally got the stuff from my baby box transferred into a rubbermaid box. I’ve found a few things around the house to move into the yard sale pile. Always a work in progress.
    05 – I rearranged my back room. Now when looking in it looks less cluttered. That counts, right?
    04 – Decided that my back room needs to be cleaned out and rearranged, especially the closet. So that is going to be my project for May.
    03 – Sure…? I actually physically removed the bags of stuff to get rid of. So I guess that counts since it was cluttering up my room.
    02 – I rearranged the living/dining room and went though some more of my closet.

    01 – I’ve gone through my closet and through my pile of purses.
  7. Try new recipes from the cookbooks I have. (see #5, they will be guinea pigs…)
    12 – I need to stop going straight to the web to find recipes when I have a nice little cookbook shelf full of books.
    10/11 – Oh…Kait and I made a recipe from PDub’s site…sooooo good!  I’ve made zucchini bread and sweet potato bread.  They were good!  I also made a really yummy low cal, low fat Taco Soup.
    09 – Created best topped pizzas ever!
    08 – hummm…

    07 – Yea, ok, you got me. I’m pretty sure I didn’t try anything new.
    06 – See #5.
    05 – New recipes tried for Memorial BBQ. One recipe is posted on my recipe site, the others will come shortly.
    04 – Sure I’ve made stuff. What have I made…? Cake pops, I made cake pops!
    03 – Family = guinea pigs. Poor family…
    02 – Ummmm… I haven’t tried anything new. But I’ve tried new things that my mom has made. Does that count…?
    01 – Boo me! How does cereal sound? Mac & Cheese…?
  8. Exercise a minimum of 3 times a week (walk/jog, Wii Fit, DVD, etc., see #1 which will lead to #3) 
    12 – Fail.  Big time fail.
    10/11 – See #1.  A full time routine starts in January.  Problem this time of the years is a) I’m uber busy, b) it’s dark before I get home from work, and c) I am not a morning person.
    09 – Walked lots while on vacation.  That counts, right?
    08 – Haha… ump…

    07 – I think maybe I went on a walk. Once. I did do some yard work. Three times. Wait! No, I lied. I went on more than one walk when I was down south. Haha! Victory!
    06 – See #1. Eeerrrrnnnnttttt, maybe that’s how you spell it.
    05 – Boo…
    04 – See #1. I really need to start doing something, anything.
    03 – Need to make a REAL commitment to do this on a regular basis. Once the habit is made I’ll be in good shape. The time change has really kicked my butt though, I get home and I just want to be lazy.
    02 – Boo! I’m still on the once a week average. Time to kick it into gear!
    01 – I’ve averaging about once a week of exercising on purpose. But I do activities that include activity.
  9. Daily make time for God. 
    12 – This one is hard.  Sure, daily I have a little conversation with God.  But it’s the quality I really need to work on.  I also think this is one of those things that as Christians we will constantly strive to do better at and will never be where we think we need to be.  But at least the effort is being made.
    10/11 – Besides my daily Bible reading, I’m not very good at this one.  Especially since my reading doesn’t always happen.  With time, it’ll come.
    09 – Realizing that I suck at this!  Need to make a point to spend one on one time with God, and not multi-task with God.
    08 – Need to work on this more and more.

    07 – Started an awesome bible study book with my group called “Me, Myself & Lies” by Jennifer Rothschild. I highly recommend it.
    06 – Reading the bible daily is a help, fo shizel. Daily being stretched and molded.
    05 – Will be a continuous work in progress for the rest of my life.
    04 – Prayer, reading, bible study, church, worship, etc. I do it all, but I’m still lacking. I’m by no means perfect.
    03 – If you count my daily readings as time spent with God then I’m doing well. Although it’s not always necessarily quality time though…
    02 – There is always room for improvement here. But I’m human and I’m trying. I pray more regularly and I’m in the Word daily. That’s definitely moving in the right direction.

    01 – Doing well. Spending lots of time in prayer. I’m not even kidding.
  10. Travel somewhere new.
    12 – I didn’t go anywhere in December.  Why?  Well, because I was just too darn busy!  I this one for 2009 is completed!
    10/11 – In October I went down to the ranch for a weekend and to Reno for a weekend.  In November I went to Apple Hill for the day with friends.
    09 – Went to Florida.  ‘Nuff said.
    08 – Stayed close to home in August.

    07 – Drove, by myself, down to Southern California for a twofold vacation: visit my college roommate and her family in Rancho Santa Margarita and to attend a cousin’s wedding in Claremont.
    06 – Didn’t go anywhere in June. Stay tuned for later months.
    05 – Traveled to ummm, the big town of Lodi. For the Zinfest. I had never been to that part of Lodi before, so it was new, therefore I traveled somewhere new. Go me!
    04 – I went to my favoritest place in California, back to where I went to college, San Luis Obispo. Although it was a quick day trip, it was well worth it. I saw family, I drank wine, I ate at Firestone’s and walked around downtown, and went to Pismo. I need to go back again, but next time for a little longer.
    03 – Currently there are no travel plans and I don’t like that! I need to plan something asap to make me feel human again!
    02 – Um, did I go anywhere in February? I don’t think so. But that’s ok!
    01 – Just got back from a cruise to Cabo about a week and a half ago.

There we have it.  My year in review.  My year according to my resolutions.  Good-bye 2009!  Hello 2010!

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