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Exciting Things…

Little by little, which is how I like it, things are growing and expanding round these parts.

  • I’m photographying a wedding in June.  A dear friend of mine is getting married, and she asked if I’d be interested in being part of “a team” of photographers.  I said sure, (pressure’s off right)?  Well, apparently I’m the “main” photographer and a couple other people with be taking pictures too.  She’s such totally relaxed bride, so I’m not too worried.  Plus she’s beautiful, and she has great eclectic tastes. 
  • A co-worker (that I really don’t work with) saw the pictures I took of Elin and her family and asked if I’d be interested in taking some photos of her family.  Sure!  Of course, now we’re waiting for the weather to be nicer outside.
  • I’ve been himming and hawing over going to the annual WPPI Convention in Vegas in March.  Although I’m not signed up for the convention…yet… I did sign up for an annual membership.  WPPI is the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International.  Now, to decide if I’m going to Vegas in March to learn, network, and see what all there is out there for photographers.  What’s holding me back you ask?  Hotel cost.  So I’m looking around and researching.  Plus I’d really like to go with someone I know.
  • A couple other co-workers have asked if I’d be interested in taking pictures of their family.  Alright!
  • Being as Rylen has had the twins, I’ll be adding “baby photographer” to my list.  Stay tuned for pictures of my “nieces”.
  • I’ve got senior pictures for my future sis-in-law’s sister.  Does that make her my future sis-in-law too…?
  • Oh, and I’ve got the paperwork to fill out in order to become “legal” in the government’s eyes.  Now to fill it out and send it in!  Once I’m “legal”, I’ll feel more comfortable about starting to charge.

That’s it for now.  I wanted to fill you all in on what’s going on in my little photography world.  Slow and steady.  It’s more comfortable that way.

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