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Men’s Intuition

This is for all you single ladies.  Or me.  So you know when you’re interested in someone one and you send them ‘signs’ or ‘signals’, well, have you ever thought about how guys read those ‘signs’ or ‘signals’?  I have.  And based on my track record I’m guessing I’ve got it all wrong.  Wrong I say!  I’m queen of receiving mixed messages, or so I think I’m receiving mixed messages.  So let’s learn a little about men’s intuition, or how they read our/my/your signals…

The Eye Line – It begins with the eyes:  if you’ve looked across a crowded room and held his gaze for more than five seconds, he thinks you’re interested.  Even if it was unintentional, like he looked familiar or had something in his teeth, but you held his gaze, and that’s enough of a signal for him to think about making a move.  Men also take it as they see it: if you’re fully engaged in conversation with your friends and not giving any of yourself to the room, he’ll most likely to think you’re not interested and stay away.  Good news if you want him to stay away; less so if you were hoping he’d pluck up courage and come over to talk.

Body Talk – Guys are looking for signs of interest.  If you are interested, this is when it’s best to stop being too cool and follow some of the conventional rules of the flirting game.  It may seem totally obvious, but laughing at his jokes and smiling while he’s talks are signals he can read loud and clear. Take it a little further, reach out to him physically; touch his hand lightly, place your face close to his (um, like how close…?), and widen your eyes when he’s talking:  these are all signs he’ll have no trouble reading. Watch out though, if your eyes are wandering, glazed over or just plain dead while he’s talking, that won’t go unnoticed either.  Most men have felt the distance of a disinterested woman, and know when they’re on a losing streak. Not all give up when they do, but many (especially the good ones) will.

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