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Portrait: Craig and his Camaro

A couple weeks ago, a new friend of mine, Craig, asked if I could take some pictures of him.  Of course I said yes.  Then I hesitated and wondered how in the world I would take pictures of both Craig and his car, together, without it being all about one or the other.

Here’s the assignment:  The school he works for is gathering pictures of all the teachers reading their favorite book. 
Here’s the catch:  Craig owns a brand new Camaro.  A Camaro that he had painted to look like Bumblebee from the movie Transformers.  And his principal insisted that Craig’s picture be taken with the car.

We found a more “industrial” area of Turlock.  It works.  Bright, shiny new car vs. old, weathered corrugated building.

Fitting that he chose a book on camaros…
Then we took a little drive to Knights Ferry.  Unfortunately, this was about as close we could get to the old covered bridge and the old brick buildings.  And yes, I got to ride in that beast of a car.  Car sounds too wimpy for it though. 
The sky wasn’t the prettiest that day.  But at least it wasn’t raining like predicted…
How about some more “fine art” edits…
I like this one, but then I don’t.  What do you think?
Similar to the one above, but different.  Thoughts?
So after a few hours and a nice little drive, Craig ended up with some pictures to choose from to give to the principal for the school project.  I wonder which one he chose…
*post note:  this was supposed to post last week! and apparently my draft/schedule system is a bit confused.

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