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Two Simple Rules for Meeting New People

I have friends.  I have a lot of friends.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t meet new people and make new friends.  Honestly, sometimes it’s needed.  One area where I lack is meeting new guy friends.  How am I supposed to meet “the one” if I’m not meeting “the ones that could be” or “the ones that maybe know ‘the one'”?

So the two simple rules?  Oh, they’re simple.

  1. Arrange dinner or an outing once a week, and encourage your guests to bring new people.
  2. Accept all reasonable invitations.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate: “Hey, I’m having some friends over for a potluck on Friday night.  Why don’t you come and bring a friend?  I want to meet new people.”  Or, “There’s a group of us going to the movies on Saturday.  Want to come along?  Feel free to bring a friend; I want to meet new people.”  The key phrase:  I want to meet new people.

Begin with people you already know – friends, family, and colleagues.  Starting close to home ups your chances of meeting people who share your social values.  Let your friends know you want to meet people.  Sure, you think they already know (I think they already know!), but have you told them outright?  Make sure you do!  This is a time in your life to make socializing a priority, turn it into a habit, and get good at it.  Agree to set aside just one day a week for the next year to get involved with the people you already know, those you only know vaguely, and some you have yet to meet.

Thanks eharmony for the article!

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