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Picnic with the Pops

And Mom.  And, well, actually it’s called Picnic at the Pops.  But we did picnic, Subway, and my Pops was there.

Many years ago I went to Picnic at the Pops.  On a date.  Date didn’t go so hot, but the concert was way fun!  And ever since then I’ve wanted to go back.  It just has never worked out due to conflict, no one else can go, etc.  But not this year…

You see, my employer is a large sponsor for the Modesto Symphony Orchestra, and they are given tickets to the concert series that they sponsor.  This year they are sponsoring the Pops series.  So when the email went out at work asking if anyone is interested in tickets to reply with which concert(s) they’d like to be entered into a drawing to win tickets to.  And well, I said I wanted to go to all of them.  And…I won!  I won 2 tickets to Picnic at the Pops, with parking!  But…I didn’t have anyone to go with.  Such is my life as a single gal.  So as the weekend approached, I gave the tickets to my parents and told them to have fun.  I was fine with that, honest.  Then the morning of the concert, my mom called me and asked if I’d like to go with them if they could get a ticket.  Well, duh!  So tada!  I went!  With my parents, which was fine because I love them and they’re the coolest!  And we ended up sitting near some of my coworkers (from the same department) who had also won tickets.  Ok, on to the pictures.  🙂

You can see our seats weren’t up close, but that’s ok.  The theme this year was Elton John.  This guy did a fantastic job singing, playing the piano and the guitar.  See, what makes these concerts fun is that the crowd gets into it, singing and dancing along.  And it’s encouraged!  Love it!

Excitement for the night, besides the music:  Guy proposed to his girlfriend onstage, she accepted.  Drunk Crazy women behind us, guess what song they brought candles for.  And…


It was totally a good evening.  And I’m glad that I went with my parents.  I gave them my tickets, they bought me a ticket, I bought a bottle of wine.  See, it’s a win win!

So June 3rd there is a Pops concert “Wicked Divas” featuring songs from Broadway and…WICKED!  I’m so going!  Who’s in???

Courtney - October 1, 2010 - 4:46 pm

No kidding! I’ll keep my eye out. Did you know that Wicked will be playing for a week in Fresno this coming April…?

Amanda - October 1, 2010 - 10:27 am

UM… I’m IN!!! Broadway- Wicked?!? Who can say no to that! Tell me when to purchase tickets!

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