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Way back when…

…many moons ago.  Ok, or last June and July. I was asked by the “education and marketing person” at my place of employment asked if I’d be interested in taking some pictures for 1) the new education display (in June) and 2) pictures for the new brochure going out to local schools.  I said sure!  ‘Cause really, it’s a) practice, b) exposure, and c) I got away from my desk for well over an hour each time.

So, quickly, here’s a snippet of pictures that I took in June at the ribbon cutting of the new display (which is quite snazzy if you ask me!)…

(can you tell my favorite twins were there?)

And here are some quick pictures from the brochure shoot.  Which, by the way, involved a local news station filming at the same time.  Yep, my rear end and shootsac were on the local news (even though I tried to avoid the camera every time it was around)

Believe it or not, a couple of my pictures even made it to the website!

So, that was fun.  Next time I’m going to at least ask for a coffee or ice cream as payment for my services.  A block of cheese will do too.

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