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App Addiction: Pocket Frogs

I have a confession.  Ok, I have 2 confessions.  1)  I love my iPhone.  But really who doesn’t? and 2) I’m am totally 100% addicted to the app Pocket Frogs.  And when I say totally, completely, dorkily (yes, I’m pretty sure I just made that word up) addicted I mean it.  Like, I’ve made a spreadsheet to keep track of what frogs I’ve collected/bred.  And, ah, there are like 14,720 combos that you me can get.  And, ah, currently I’m up to 1,197.

Catching flies in the pond for level up points and to find goodies.

It’s all genetics.

For example, I just went bizurk when I was finally able to bred with a specific accent color, chroma (it changes colors!!!).

Yes, I know.’.nerd.

Join me in being a pocket frog breeding nerd.  Friend me: camontague.  I’ll share some good stuffs!

Oh, and you can stop laughing now.


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