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Apple Hill: 2010 Edition

This is the second year (that I’ve been part of) that has taken a trip for the day up to Apple Hill.  And this year, just as last, we had a good group that went.  4 + a baby met us up there, so the other 7 of us piled into my mom’s pathfinder.  That’s the way to go.  All in one vehicle.  Of course, I was the one driving not cramped in the back. 😉

After about a 2 hour ride up (with one pregnancy pit stop) we made to Apple Hill (just above Placerville on Hwy 50).  First stop was for lunch.  Then we slowly merged back onto the simple 2 lane crowded road to go to our next destination.

And Thomas had to once again show them apples who’s boss!  Find it, stalk it, stab it, munch it.

It’s funny parking in an apple orchard that was just recently harvested.  But I’ll tell you what, I could easily set up a few photo sessions in that orchard!

The gang!  And Katie – Apple Hill lover and regular attender.

I feel like I could start spouting off different uses for apples – baking and cooking – Bubba shrimp style.  Apple pie, apple cobbler, apple crisp, applesauce, apple butter, apple pork chops, apple fritters…

Thanks to Rachel who wanted to “see my camera” for snapping these pictures of me!

Hello Jenn and Blueberry!  We’re hoping to have a maternity session soon.  I’m excited for that!  And for the arrival of Baby J this January!

Love this shot!  And my sister!

We ended the trip by enjoy and brew at Jack Russell Brewery and some snacks that Kaitlin and I packed.  Then we headed down the hill and down the valley to home.

Looks like fun doesn’t it?  If you’re in the area (meaning northern central California) Apple Hill is a definite must in the fall!  This trip is something I definitely look forward to every year.

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