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Pressure is on!

I’m a procrastinator by nature.  Give me a task that needs to be completed 2 weeks from now, and I’ll work on it and get it done 2 days before the due date.  That’s the way I work best, last minute and under pressure.  That doesn’t mean I don’t think about it or plan, I just don’t do it right away.

I go to bed and wake up last minute.

I have big plans for my photography business to implement at the new year, which means I’ll probably work on it the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. (unacceptable in my book!)

Heck, I even wait until the 11 o’clock hour to start writing a blog post.

Another example, I had a large assignment at work that was to be done and returned to a customer by today, the 19th.  I’ve known about it for about a month.  Now, granted, a bulk of my time was dedicated to a very large audit, so there went 2 weeks.  And I had my normal day to day stuff that couldn’t be set aside.  So I thought about working on it, kept it on my to-do list and as a “requires action” email in my inbox.  I did kinda work on the assignment.  But this past Monday I kicked it into high gear and had about 55 out of 61 files ready to go back to the customer (the remaining 6 all need further research to complete them) yesterday!

Next week is Thanksgiving.  Honestly I think Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  My mom’s siblings come in from out of town and out of state with their families.  Dad’s brother comes down.  Everyone is together.  And this year there is a full house starting Tuesday.  Kaitlin is giving up her room, she’ll be joining me at my house.  Paige may be in my guest room.  Coleman on my couch.  And every bed at my parent’s will be full as well.  So knowing that my house will have extra residence you’d think that I’d be slowly tidying and cleaning.  Nope.  Not at all.  I plan on folding and putting away the pile of clean laundry that currently resides on the guest bed tomorrow.  Ok, let’s be real, it probably will be done Sunday. Same with the sweeping.

My ability, if you may, of procrastination is not one that I am proud of.  Maybe I just feel so overwhelmed at times and I don’t know where to start, until it’s the last minute and it’s just gotta get done.  I have a to-do list, and it just keeps growing.  It’s a very intimidating to-do list.

I want to be someone that takes off running when I know things need to get done.  I don’t want to start things tomorrow, I want to start them today.  I want to be someone that gets stuff completed early.  Such a foreign concept, getting something done early.

So here’s my question to you:  What motivates/encourages/inspires/drives you to not procrastinate and get what needs to be done done right away?  How do you manage and not put things off?

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