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I gotta tell you, I’ve got nothing.  I just sat here for about 45 seconds thinking “What am I going to blog about today?”.  My little eye lids went:  blink, blink, blink and I swear you could hear the noise of a static channel going off in my head.  So I’ve got nothing.

To be honest, I mostly think of things to blog about while it is most inconvenient:  while driving, while in the shower, while trying to fall asleep, while in a meeting.  While I’m in a meeting at least I generally have paper and a pen with me, but I try to stay engaged in the topic at hand.  Driving and showering are the least opportune times to try to write something down or take note.  Paper and water don’t mix well.  And I’m pretty sure writing is up there with texting as a no-no while driving.

So, I think of something.  I think to myself to make to remember that so I can write it down.  And 7 1/2 seconds later it’s gone.  Into thin air.

I guess I do have somethings on a list to share with you, but they take a little preparation (like picking out pictures to use, or edited said pictures).  So, those will wait until another day.  But don’t worry, I’ll get to them.

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