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Rocket Dogs

If you’ve hung around me for the last 3 or so years you may have notices something.  I typically always wear one particular pair of shoes.  These Rocket Dogs.

And I love them!  They are comfortable.  And neutral.  And heck, they velcro on.  But alas, my beloved Rocket Dogs started to show the wear and tear of constant use.

So I figured that I’ll just find another pair and get them.  But I couldn’t find them.  At least not in beige, which is what I wanted.  Let me tell you, I scoured the internets for a long time looking and looking.  And it finally came down to this, either I get a new pair in brown or black, or I don’t get them at all.

So here’s what I decided.  Brown it is.

They showed up during the holidays, when I was getting at least 2 packages a day for the 2 weeks before Christmas.  And I was so happy when they finally made it.  Finally new Rocket Dogs.  And the brown is still pretty neutral.  It works for me.

I’ll still hold on to the beige pair though.  You know, for a rainy day.  Actually I won’t wear them on a rainy day because my feet will end up wet.

And the new pair, well, they’re well broken in by now.  🙂

So have you ever had something that you wanted to replace with the exact same thing, just a newer version, but had trouble finding a replacement?

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