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I am blessed.  A statement like that is something that is sometimes hard to remember, but lately for me it’s been very, very evident in my life.

Here’s how I’ve seen the amazing people that God has placed in my life lately… Countless hours spent helping me clean, paint, demolish, move, etc. at my new house.  I’ve now slept there 5 nights, and it’s only because of all the selfless help from family and friends that I’m there 1 month after getting the keys.

Dad – The wise one, knower of all things handy, supplier of all tools needed. And we’re not done yet… 🙂

Mom – Queen of trim painting, and for that I’m extremely grateful!  Tedious trim painting drives me bananas!

Chris – driver, pusher to make things happen (sometimes according to his time frame), painter extraordinaire.

Kaitlin – face it, she’s my right hand woman! Whatever I’ve done, she’s been there, done that for me too.

Paige and Coleman – The few hours painting was a lifesaving chunk of time.

Colleen –  Queen of the roller, she can have a bedroom painted in about 20 minutes flat!  No joke.

Krista – Much thanks for spending your afternoon helping me wipe down and prime walls!

Kara & Andrew – Out of the blue you volunteered to help, and helpful you both were!  Thank you for demo-ing and priming the heck out of the brown room!

Chris VonB – Many times you came over, climbed the ladder to the roof, and fiddled with my Heater/AC unit.  It works!  It isn’t working.  It works!  A fuse blew, again.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and resources.


And in case you forgot what the outside of the house looks like (since the last picture 2 posts ago…) here it is again… From a real camera! (please pardon the advertisement for the company that repaired my roof)

Inside pictures coming soon.  Right now I’m too busy nursing a cold, again!, and unpacking.  Oh, and I have a couple of photo sessions to edit and post too.  Including the twin’s 1 year pictures.  Remember that tease from like 3 weeks ago?  I slack.



Krista - March 19, 2011 - 8:29 am

You’re very welcome. I’m blessed to have you as a friend too. You’ve been there for me through good and bad and for that I am thankful beyond words.

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