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Session: Kaitlin & Abby – BFFs

This is the picture that started it all.  Kaitlin and Abby have been best friends. Through thick and thin, and thousands of miles apart they are there for each other.  During my freshman (or maybe it was sophomore) year of college I took a photography class, black and white and developing.  I’m not gonna lie, I hated it.  The teacher was way into abstract and I was way into people.  Difference of opinions and tastes.  But this picture, this is one that I took.  Kaitlin and Abby playing dress up, primping, curling and glossing.  I love it!  When I think of the 2 of them from years past, this is the image that comes to mind first.

So, when Abby was home back in April I told them that we needed to recreate this image.  As well as have fun and take other pictures of course.  🙂

And here’s our recreation.  So we didn’t have the original to refer to to get it exact, but I think we did a pretty good job.  And of course we had to add a little modern flair to the scene.  🙂

 Abby is currently living in Chicago attending Northwestern working on Masters (of something-a-rather physical therapy).  So the few times a year that she comes home are special.  I always enjoy a visit or a quick hug from my 3rd sister.  And Kaitlin loves when she’s home too, of course!

For more pictures, watch the slideshow below.  And don’t forget, 20+ comments and these fun girls get a surprise!

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