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DIY Jewelry Frame

My jewelry box had been overflowing with necklaces.  Bulky necklaces.  That were getting tangled.  Not cool.  So I knew I needed to find a new solution to store them.  Maybe something pretty so they could be on display.  I’d seen some ideas on various blogs and pinterest.  And I decided, hey I can do that too!  So I swiped an old window from my parent’s house.  Don’t worry, it wasn’t attached to the house.  This old window actually to the house I once upon a time rented from my parent’s prior to getting all the windows replaced.

It’s like an antique or something.

So here’s the plan.  Old window, glass removed.  Wire, kinda heavy gauge.  Screw in hooky thingies.  And mechanics to hang the frame to the wall.

Here’s the window.  I cut those pieces of rope.  Old windows remember?  See the flaking paint?  I left it like that.

Close up on some of the details…

How ’bout those fancy little screw in hooks?  And that fun loosely twisted wire?

I heavy duty stapled the wire in the back.  Put little felt dots on the corners to keep them from scratching the wall.  Idea propped up to the wall (didn’t have hanging mechanics yet).

And ta-da!  I’m happy with how it turned out.  And I’m definitely happy with how little it cost.  Once I get more on my wall (and the junk off the dresser below it cleaned up) I’ll post a full wall picture.  You may notice that at first there were only 3 hooks.  I decided to add 2 more to the far edges to hang skinny chain necklaces.

See what you can do with a little creativity and imagination…?

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