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October Photography Challenge – Day 1

I came across a photography challenge for the month of October from Jenna over at That Wife, and I thought, what the heck!  So I’m doing it!  Jenna came across the the challenge from Our Wired Lives who is hosting the challenge, so I jumped on the same bandwagon.  I’ll be stretched and challenged artistically with my camera, which is good.  I need to be stretched and challenged.

So here we go… Please note that I may not get a post up everyday on the day but I will post each day separately with the picture for the day.  Pictures will be taken with the big gun (Nikon D700), the baby gun (some Kodak point and shoot), and the “always in my purse or pocket” gun (the iPhone).  And maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get my commentary, and or out takes as well.  Oh, and, you’ll be getting a week worth of challenge days from HAWAII!  🙂

Day 1:  Self-Portrait

Dilemma… to take a photo before or after I showered after my 4 mile walk… AFTER!  Hello clean straight hair and makeup vs. not messy, sweaty up do thing sans makeup.

Ok, self portraits with a heave dSLR is not easy!  Ya, ok, so I could have set up the tri-pod, and the timer or the remote.  But that would take time and I wanted to do it this way, so please excuse the camera in the face.  Um, holy moly my hair is getting long!  And it looks really blonde here!  Not sure how much I like that, maybe I should darken it some…

I thought I had lost this hat in the move… Sad day.  Then, while I was looking like an idiot in front of a big mirror in my unused studio room posing I found it!  Hence the smiling face.  I’m so taking it with me on vacation.

And why not, how about one more.  Of my pretty camera.  🙂

Courtney - October 4, 2011 - 11:20 am

A picture is worth a thousand words… but words are fun too! 🙂

Our Wired Lives - October 4, 2011 - 7:14 am

I always love the stories behind the photos. Thanks for sharing. I hope we get to see the hat sometime.

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