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Please bear with me.  I’m going to be jump around a bit as I try to post all that I want to post.  But really, it’s all great stuff.  According to me.  🙂

So I took the week between Christmas and New Years off from work.  4 days off, which equated to 10 days off in a row.  G.L.O.R.I.O.U.S.!  I got some stuff done. (like clean out my email inbox which is full again).  One thing that I really wanted to do, and already had the supplies for, was to make the melted crayon art thing that is all over pinterest.  If you’re not on pinterest and want to me, let me know and I’ll send you an invite (don’t worry, there’s no cost).  If you are on pinterest, why aren’t you following me???  Anyways, I took an hour break from doing important stuff…in my pajamas… to make this.  Awesome!

First I separated the colors from my little 64 count crayon box.

Then I laid them out in the color order that I wanted.  Trying to go in a gradient pattern.  Trying.  Once I figured it out I hot glued them in place.

My lovely assistant.  This is her “What in the heck are you doing mom?!?” face.

Ok, here comes the fun part.  Or as they say on Cribs, this is where the magic happens.  But the magic in this case is outside.  Not in the bedroom.  If you have a heat gun, great!  If you don’t the web peoples from sites said that a hair dryer on the hottest setting will work too.  But watch how fun the melting process is…

Ok, other side.  Since I was a genius and got a 2 pack of canvases vs. 1 larger more expensive canvas, I had two to arrange, glue, and melt.

The finished product.  Notice how I used a paper bag under the canvas for the melt run off.

Now, I just need to repaint my living room walls so I can hang these bad boys up!  (Yep, you heard me right, repaint my living room walls.  I’m just not diggin’ the green anymore.  I need/want something lighter and more airy.)

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