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Hawaii – day 6

Sunday found us worshiping the sun, sand, and surf.  It was a beautiful day and our time on the island was quickly coming to a close, so beaching it was of course our number 1 option.  During this trip though, I learned that I’m not a very good snorkler.  Sure, I love looking at the fishies, but I got salt water in my eyes, I felt closterphobic, and swimming alone out there kinda freaked me out.  So, next time, try a different mask and breathy tube.  If it doesn’t work again than it’s just not my cup of tea.  But everyone kept bugging me to go back out just one more time.  My contacts revolted though.  So I tanned instead.

My lovely Aunt Cricket, modeling the most delicious drink in a can.  When oh when can we get Hawaiian Sun or Aloha Maid in the US?  Or better yet, where  can we get it???

Kevin and I stayed at the beach a little longer than the rest.  After we made it back to the house, we all just kinda vegged.  Showers, naps, and beers were had by all.  Reggie here, my fill in dog for the week, enjoy gnawing on the coconut we found a day or 2 before.  He did a pretty good job getting through the skin/hust/outer layer.

I wish I could grow bananas in my backyard…

Kevin and I took a trip into town to run to the grocery store and putz around.  He wanted to get a shirt from the brewhaus, I wanted to get out of the house, and there was a shark bush that we had to take a picture of. We redboxed a movie to watch after dinner.  I fell asleep 5 minutes into it.  Guess the sun really took it out of me…

Instagrm/iphone dump!

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