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Hawaii – day 7 & 8

Oh man!  Our last full day.  I was definitely not ready to go home.  I was ready to see my dog, but not at home.  Stick that pup in a crate and ship her to me!  Anyways, our last full day was slated to be spent in Hilo on the north-east side of island.  Along the way we went off the beaten bath and took the scenic route, then we crossed the highway to go to Waipio Valley/lookout.  It was a beautiful day!

Mom blended in with the bougainvillea.  🙂

Then we went to Akaka Falls.  Which now charges to park in the little parking lot… odd.  We hike “the long way”, which really isn’t long at all.  We saw the Kahuna Falls first then looped around to Akaka Falls.  Despite the drought the water was a flowin’!  Hilo is more the rainforest-y side of the island, everything is lush and green.

Wild orchid!

This is how some ferns start to grow.  I’ve always wondered what kind of plant that snail looking thing comes from.  Believe it or not I’ve seen them used in bridal bouquets before.

After Akaka, it was now about 1:30/2pm and we were all getting hangry.  So off in search of food we went.  We almost ended up at a local joint that served a lot of rice, eggs, and spam.  Kevin was reallllly wanting a spam burger.  When in Rome… But they didn’t have spam burgers.  So we ended up at Hilo Burger Joint, which did have a spam burger… The Fatty (<–look at the menu!).  In case you’re curious, I had the Nacho Burger.  🙂

Then we hit the tail end of the little farmer’s market downtown.  We to the Ukelele shop.  Walked around.  Then headed to the Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Factory.  We did the little self guided tour.  The guys were all into the process and how to improve it.  It was funny watching them stand outside the windows brainstorming what they would do different and how to make the processes more efficient.

A quick stop to get some ice cream at Hilo Homemade Ice Cream.  I don’t remember what I had but I remember it was good.  It was then time for the 1 1/2 drive home.  After packing up, hanging out, having dinner, and resting, I decided to take my camera outside to try to capture how clear and starry the sky was.  With a towel to lay my camera on, my little 50mm, and setting my timer this is what I ended up with.  Shutter was open as long as I could, aperture was up (I think), same with ISO (I think).  Not bad with what I had.  And I made an artsy boo-boo too.  🙂

iPhone dump!

Our last morning… 🙁  We packed up, said our goodbyes, and hit the beach!  Why not?  I really didn’t feel like feeling like a salt like for the next 12 hours, so I didn’t go in, just my feet.  But Kevin and Dad snorkled.  I looked for shells.  The flight home was smooth and fairly uneventful.  I think I napped.  We landed back in San Jose around 11pm and headed home.  Stepping out of the airport into the cool Bay Area air brought me back to reality.  The reality I wasn’t ready to return to.   I’ve decided that trips to visit Hawaii need to happen more frequently than every 3 years.  Hello!  I have family to visit there, and stay with!  Although the week flew by and seemed all too short, the memories will last me a lifetime.

Stay tuned.  I got my hands on the pictures Kevin took.  I’ll put some of them up in a post soon.

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