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Big burrito in SF?

Who has ever seen “Man vs. Food”?  Well, we took a challenge.  Kinda.  Kevin wanted to check out the burrito place in San Francisco, La Cumbre Taqueria.  So, for a belated birthday we went to the city for the day.  Or the good part of the day.  I forgot to tell him I needed to be back around 6:30…  oops.

The belated birthday boy!

(Gonna get some mixed in Instagrm pictures)  The restaurant…

The burrito.  Honestly, a taco truck burrito is better.  It wasn’t all that big.  Here we are thinking that this burrito from the challenge is going to be massive, so we planned on splitting it.  But it wasn’t all that big at all.  And it’s not even on the menu.  And they forgot how to make it.

Then we walked from the Mission District to Market Street/Union Square.  Looked in a few shops.  Then hiked walked to cable car museum.  It was free.  Score!

As time was running low, and we rode into the city on BART, it was time to walk back.

Funny thing… we were on the BART train car directly in front of a co-worker of mine that was also in the city for the day with her beau.  We were texting back and forth, “We just passed XXX stop” “So did WE!”  Too funny!

All in all it was a good day in San Francisco.  Next time, no time constraints for me.

And no “massive” burrito.  We’ll take the next challenge though!

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