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Devon’s weekend!

My life has been busy.  Since late February.  But then again, who’s hasn’t?  Every weekend, and some after work week days, there was something going on.  Weddings, holidays, family visiting, boat shows, baby showers, etc.  Well, Devon was fortunate to occupy one.whole.weekend.  Kicking off Friday after work with a work bridal shower, followed by Saturday wine tasting for her Bachelorette ‘Party’.  Good times!

So let’s start off with her bridal party shall we.  Devon is the the one in the top right, black and white shirt.  I met her through work, became friends, and eventually introduced her to her now husband.  1 for 1 in the match-making department, baby!  Now…could someone please make me a match too?  A co-worker of ours organized a pedicure bridal party.  It was fun and relaxing, especially to see work people outside of work!

Then the next day all but one of her bridesmaids met up and headed over the hill to Livermore to wine taste.  I highly recommend that area.  It’s close, it’s not over priced like Napa, and the wines were good!  But get this, I was the driver (volunteered so we didn’t have to pay an outrageous amount to rent a limo) and I bought the most wine!  Yes, I did taste.  And I tasted just about everything they did, but it was a sip, not a 1 to 2 oz. pour.  So I was good to go!  And I’d do it again that way!  We all had a great time though.  Devon is obviously the one in the sash… 🙂


Sunday I rested.


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