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Session: 24 hours in Tahoe

Layne’s 6 month pictures…  Rylen gave me the warning back in May, to keep some time in July open to take Layne’s 6 month pictures.  Sure, no problem.  So I started brainstorming.  And brainstorming.  And… LIGHT-BULB! By golly I had an idea, I threw it out at Rylen and she loved it.  Now it was a matter of getting a couple days off approved at the 9-5.  Which I did.  So I made plans and a reservation to spend the night in Lake Tahoe same that Rylen and her family, extended family, and family friends take an annual vacation.  Which was great!  (Plus I had a king sized bed for the night).  This family session and 6 month session also turned into a 24 hour vacation for me.  Bonus!  So you’ll see below not only pictures of the girls (my favorite girls ever!), but also pictures of fun being had.  Like paddle-boarding.  On Lake Tahoe.  Which I will tell you from experience is realllly cold when you fall in at 10am.

Happy 6 months Layne!

We were out on the balcony waiting for dinner and looking at the boats…  And oh the joy the Tahoe Queen was coming in!  The twins LOVED that!

Aunt Rachel and Uncle Juju (Junior).  Stay tuned…  You’ll be seeing their little bundle later this fall!


Love all these girls!  From their Mama on down to the littlest munchkin!

There was a group that was going to go paddle boarding the next morning, they invited me along.  To be honest I really wanted to sleep in.  Something I hadn’t done since getting Lily.  But, how often are you in Tahoe and have the opportunity to paddle-board.  Like, never.  So why not!  You only live once!  (While I was out on the board on the water, I obviously did not have my camera on my.  Rylen gets all the props for taking the pictures!)

We all lost count on how many times Jim fell in the water.

I did great.  Until I lost my footing and stepped off the non-slip part of the board.  Very quickly did I slip in from there.  And then the shock of cold Lake Tahoe kicked in!

Harper’s new thing is to put her fingers to her cheeks and say click when the camera comes out.  I think I have Dora the Explorer to thank for that…

Some family and friends rode up on their bikes.  Carson, the smart little cookie she is, noticed that everyone on the bikes were wearing hats (helmets).  So she asked for a hat to wear.  I pulled one out of my bag and put it on her head.  She then said, “I wear a hat.  I ride bike now?”  See, she’s a freakin’ genius!

Layne was the closed to going on a ride though.  🙂

Remote shot!  I said make a silly face.  Apparently I didn’t get the memo to not make a silly face.  I love this picture just the same though.  It will be framed and on my wall in no time!

Down on the beach.  Watch out, lots of fun ahead…  By the way, suckers are excellent bribe tools!

My trip was way too much fun, but way too short.  And Jim told me while he, Junior and I were out gambling (penny slots thankyouverymuch) after dinner, “You should come up every year and go on vacation with us!”  Jim, I might just take you up on that offer.  Thank you for letting me join in the family tradition and enjoy the lake as much as you do each year.  🙂

(Family pictures are being kept under lock and key bending possible use for Christmas cards).

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