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Easter in San Francisco

Sunday after Whitney and Paul’s wedding, was Easter.  Being as this year was already “out of sorts” with being out-of-town and all, I figured why not totally break tradition and enjoy the day.  I wanted to be able to hang out with family after the wedding, sleep in some, and see family that was in from out-of-state off on their trips home.  Weddings are good for that, bringing family together.

Anyways, Sunday morning came.  K and I didn’t have a plan per say, except to maybe end up in San Francisco.  Breakfast, good byes, and we hit the road.  First stop, Half Moon Bay.  We walked around, had lunch, etc.  Then up the coast we drove.  The storm was a-rollin’ in…

Then it started raining.  And we were welcomed by city traffic.  Thank goodness we weren’t taking the exit on the right in the picture below… We ended up driving right past AT&T Park!  Go Giants! We decided to avoid downtown and stuck more along the embarcadero.  Its been awhile since I had been to the ferry building, and K had never been.  So that’s were we went!  Only bummer… I wanted to get some macaron cookies from Miette on the way out.  But everything closes down at 4, and we went back at 4.  Smart planning Courtney! Guess I didn’t need those cookies.

By the way, chai tea lattes from Pete’s are not the same as Starbucks.  I couldn’t even drink it.  It.was.nasty.  Guess I didn’t need that warm beverage on a chilly day. Without a plan, we thought it would be fun to drive over to Golden Gate Park.  We saw the Golden Gate Bridge.  We saw tourists.  We acted like tourists.  Good times! I’m so strong! Then, on a whim, we decided to drive across.  And there was no toll fee for the day.  Must have been a sign!  To be honest, to my recollection, I’ve never driven across.  I know, shame on me the one who lives less than 2 hours away.  But, now I can cross it off my bucket list.  Drive across the Golden Gate Bridge – check! San Francisco from the other side of the Bay.  How do you like my “I’m trying to hide the tourists with my clever bush placement?”

Since IKEA was closing at the time we were driving by (and of course we wanted to stop, story of the day…) I thought I’d show K something cool…  I’ve always only see it from a distance down a side street.  PIXAR!  Of course we couldn’t go in.  That’s ok though.  I’m sure you can totally tell, but I’m posing like the lamp.  You know, the Pixar lamp?  🙂 It was getting to be about time to eat, so we thought we’d head into Walnut Creek and go to San Francisco Creamery.  Don’t judge, I wanted ice cream for dinner.  But, guess what, they were closed early.  Duh, its Easter Sunday.  Everywhere else we saw and wanted to stop at was closing early too.  So we ended up having Turkish food for dinner.  We shared a salad and something with eggplant.  The eggplant dish was yummy!  Being as my dad grew up in Walnut Creek, I wanted to drive by his old house.  The house we spent many holidays visiting.  Like unrecognizable different.  Not how I want to remember it.  Tis life…

So we drove the rest of the way home.  Luckily the traffic wasn’t too bad.  That’s the worst thing about going to the Bay Area, the traffic.  I like my simple country living.  🙂

We made it home.  Picked up the pups from my parent’s.  Shower.  Unpack… who am I kidding, that didn’t happen.  Then to bed.

What a weekend!

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