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Lake Tahoe Family Vacation – day 1/first day

Ahhhh… Lake Tahoe.  Even though it was 2 months ago, I still get a little sad because our time there as a family was sooooo great and way too short.  I’ve got lots to share about our long 4 days weekend, so I’ll break it up by day.  Lots to share.  Lots of pictures.  Lots of fun.

Back story:  Last June/July my Mom mentioned that it would be fun to do something special for my Dad’s 60th birthday, which was just this past May.  So we got to brainstorming, the sibs, sibs-in-law, and myself.  We thought about Catalina Island, but we knew that there would be no way Dad would go down there without his boat, it’s a much longer drive to then get on a ferry to get to the island, and cost of a condo and food was going to be outrageous.  So we ix-nayed that idea and went with another…Lake Tahoe.  Much closer to home, tons of cabin options, and grocery shopping costs are much more normal.  After hunting and searching, I ended up using HomeAway to book the cabin.  Oh, and did I mention that we wanted to keep this allllll a secret?  Do you know how hard that is?  We’d be at my parents planning, talking, and discussing while Dad was outside then pause when he’d come in.  It was fun!  My Mom, queen of not keeping a secret, was able keep quiet.  All sorts of arrangements were made… I had talked to Dad’s boss and arranged for him to have the Friday off, Paige and Coleman were going to stay at my house Thursday night with my dogs to not cause suspicion, we were thinking of everything!…  Well, we broke our own rule and ended up telling Dad on his actually birthday.  Which was fun!  And now he could join in our secret and get excited with us.

Back to the story…
Some of us decided to take off early from work Thursday and head up early.  Main reason is because cabin check-in isn’t until 4pm, so half of Friday would be spent tooling around with cars full of stuff and people.  The other reason was so we could get some grocery shopping done early, and also so we could relax and sleep in.  🙂

Kaitlin, Stephen, Kevin and I left around 1:30 and drove up, dropped our stuff off and headed out to dinner.  Sushi.  “Off the Hook” is what it is called, I think… It was realllly good.  I actually tried, and liked, stuff with raw fish (of course I’m not that adventurous back at home).   Chris and Colleen had left just a few hours later and joined us when we were done with dinner.  We scoped the place out, called dibs on beds, and we grocery shopping.  And we relaxed.  Settled in.  And hung out.

The next day… drove around and waited for the rest of the group.

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