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Lake Tahoe Family Vacation – photo session

As promised, I’m here to share our little impromptu family photo session on the beach.  I had my tripod with me, but it just wasn’t going to work because of the sandy, sloped ground.  So instead I set up the exposure (test shots below), handed my camera to Anna (the intern that vacationed with us), and told her to fire away.  This worked pretty great for the big group family photos.  After that I was able to take over or pass my camera off to Coleman or Stephen (both Nikon users, whoop whoop!).  Hope you enjoy my beautiful, quirky family!

I had the photo below printed on a 16×20 gallery wrap canvas.  And I love it!  Now I just need to actually hang it on a wall…

Photo bombing courtesy of Chris…

Happily married for over 35 years!

Who turned on the wind machine?

The original 6. 🙂

Morphed into 8.

Anna, the intern.  She arrived to California Mother’s Day weekend, and was the first of 3 interns to stay with my parents this summer.  HCC really does have a great program with their summer interns.

My go-to model.  And my bookend.  That’s what I call us, the bookend siblings.  I’m the oldest, she’s the youngest.  The ends.  The bookends.

The 2 stray dudes and a photo bomber. 😉

The end.  It was time for dinner so we left.  🙂

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