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35 before 35

Oh wow!  It’s May already.  I’ve been planning this post and making a list, but time is just flying by!  Today I’m turning the big 3-4.  And that’s awesome, I’m totally cool with it.  But next year is one of those 5 year increment years.  You know, the ones that make you stop and think?  So I’ve decided that I would like to have a list of 35 things to do before I’m 35.  Some are measurable, some are not.  Some are bucket list items, some are just “I realllly want to get this done and I’ve procrastinated too long” items.  So, with that, the list.  If you want to join me on or with any just let me know!

  1. Take a cooking class at Ramekin in Sonoma
  2. No diets, just healthy changes
  3. Pay off credit card debt
  4. Drive hwy 1 from Monterey to Morro Bay
  5. Learn to crochet
  6. Visit my Aunt and Uncle in New Mexico
  7. Develop a repertoire of at least 14 meals I love
  8. Make an appointment with an allergist and consider treatment plan options
  9. Pay off half of the balance of the Terrain car loan
  10. Renovate backyard so it’s more private and a great place to gather
  11. Make a quilt
  12. Go to a family photography workshop
  13. Take my parents to Disneyland (it’s been probably 20 years since they’ve been)
  14. Write procedures for certain steps of my business
  15. Get a solid system in place for tracking income/expenses
  16. Actually send out Christmas cards
  17. Build new deck in backyard
  18. MAJOR clean up of landscape in backyard (trim and remove shrubs)
  19. Turn covered patio into a useable outside retreat
  20. Clean and organize studio room
  21. Finish the entertainment center building out
  22. Which means, rearrange the living room
  23. Do a session with colored powder (think color run powder)
  24. Use up all hair curling products
  25. Map out payment plan for invisalign (once debt is paid off)
  26. Lose 5% body fat… minimum.  I don’t know what I’m at now, but I know it’s gotta go!
  27. Buy the person’s coffee in line behind me.
  28. Write my will
  29. Walk or ride a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge
  30. Organize my office to be a functional room
  31. Start saving for kitchen remodel
  32. Get a massage
  33. Have an unplugged weekend.  EEK!
  34. Make customized planner for 2015 geared for personal and business life
  35. Pay off 1/2 of the car loan

I’ll check in every now and then and let you know how things are going.

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