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6 mo // Titus

Holy moley!  Apparently it’s been a month since I last posted.  Things have been wild and crazy around here, and it’s continue to be wild and crazy until after Kaitlin’s wedding at the end of September.  I’m soooo looking forward to some down time!  I’ll do my best to pop on here and share what’s going on.  No promises though…

But for now, let me remind you just how adorable my nephew is!!!  I love getting to spend time with him, no matter how short it is.  On Father’s Day I drove down to visit and take this little man’s 6 month pictures.  It was fun spending time with Titus and his parents, especially with his daddy on his first official Father’s Day!

Titus 6 months - 003 Titus 6 months - 006 Titus 6 months - 010

First experience with grass…  He’s not so sure of it.

Titus 6 months - 011 Titus 6 months - 015 Titus 6 months - 018 Titus 6 months - 024

Little ham!

Titus 6 months - 027 Titus 6 months - 030

Hard to believe that he is now crawling and pulling himself up into standing position.  He’ll be an early walker like his mama.

Titus 6 months - 036 Titus 6 months - 039

Remember Titus’ newborn shoot where we used our grandpa’s old navy truck?  Yea, it’s making an appearance again.  You can see just how much he’s grown in his ripe old age of 6 months!

Titus 6 months - 041

Future ukulele player!

Titus 6 months - 043 Titus 6 months - 044-Edit

Titus 6 months - 049

“Wait, what is going on here?” “Oh, I think I like this.” “Yep, this is awesome!”

Titus 6 months - 051 Titus 6 months - 054 Titus 6 months - 058 Titus 6 months - 062

In other big news…  Titus is going to have a cousin!!!  My brother and sister-in-law are expecting!!!  And we couldn’t be more thrilled!

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