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Disneyland – October 2014 Trip

In honor of being true to fashion, here’s a past post.  But a fun one! A(nother) trip to Disneyland!!!  Becky, Kevin (he did his own thing and didn’t go into DL, party pooper), and I drove down after work on Friday with plans to participate in the annual CHOC (Children’s Hospital of Orange County) Walk that goes through the parks.  And of course we were going to actually go and ride rides!  But the funnest, most fun?, part was that my BFF and her family were coming down too!  I kid you not, going to Disneyland is exponentially 10 times better when you’re with kids and see all the magic through their eyes.

iphone 20141010 - IMG_3206

We had dinner in Anaheim at an Italian restaurant.  Somewhere that Guy from Drive Ins, Diners, and Dives has eaten.  It was good.  And they give you a shot of … licorice liquor… with an orange wedge after the meal!  Score!

iphone 20141010 - IMG_3215

Becky and I were girls on a mission.  Or on missions really.  We knew what we wanted to do Saturday and by golly we did it!  Including breakfast at Flo’s Cafe in Carsland.  OMG.  The salted caramel french toast.  DELISH!

iphone 20141011 - IMG_3250

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I’ve decided I need to make the caramel, chocolate , sprinkle dipped marshmallows like they do.  They look easier than the caramel, chocolate apples at least…

iphone 20141011 - IMG_3266

Fall = pumpkin beignets.  Oh wow!

iphone 20141011 - IMG_3262

Dole whip and the tiki room.  Aka, something cool and sweet on a warm day, and a place to sit and rest our feet.  🙂

iphone 20141011 - IMG_3255 iphone 20141011 - IMG_3254 iphone 20141011 - IMG_3251
iphone 20141011 - IMG_3244 Mint Julep!  Can’t go without.  It’s a Disneyland requirement to get one.  And I’m so glad they have the Mint Julep Bar!

iphone 20141013 - IMG_3360

I got myself a new Alex & Ani bracelet.  Mickey and friend

iphone 20141013 - IMG_3347

Sunday morning was the CHOC Walk at some ungodly dark hour.  Becky and I had every intention of walking the 5k.  It’s for a good cause!  But, but… Walking at a 42 minute mile pace wasn’t our thing.  At that rate it would take 2 hours to walk 3 miles.  So we walked the portion through Disneyland and skipped out between the parks.  We went back to the hotel, showered, and slept a little more.

iphone 20141012 - IMG_3277

Sunday was a day fullllllly hanging out with the girls and their parents.

iphone 20141012 - IMG_3283

Twin time!

iphone 20141012 - IMG_3285

Aladdin show.  SOOOOOO funny!  Also, a good 45+ minutes of feet resting time.  The girls LOVED it and laughed the whole way through.  God bless a comical Genie!

iphone 20141012 - IMG_3289

iphone 20141012 - IMG_3293

Thanks to a Cast Member friend who was able to save us some reserved seats at the Royal Theater for Beauty and the Beast.  And… who gave us the heads up to stage in the theater when it’s over so the girls can have one on one time with Belle!  They danced, and giggled, and they were girls admiring a Disney Princess.

iphone 20141012 - IMG_3301

iphone 20141012 - IMG_3308

Then we watched the Soundsational Parade.  So bright and colorful, and energetic and fun!

iphone 20141012 - IMG_3313

iphone 20141012 - IMG_3315

iphone 20141012 - IMG_3322
iphone 20141012 - IMG_3279 Rylen took the girls and fam back to their hotel then came back and joined Becky and I for some adult rides.  After a few goes on Thunder Mountain, Pirates, and… I can’t remember, it was getting late and we headed back to the hotel to rest.

Monday was the day that I was forced to getting a new car battery.  I knew I had to so I already had an appointment.  Thanks to K for dealing with a dead car while he was at the beach.  Not how I planned on starting the day, but it had to be done.  Or else I’d still be stuck down there.

iphone 20141013 - IMG_3345

Becky and I went back into Disneyland long enough to get a few things.  Including another mint julep.  You know, one for the road.  But it didn’t make it out of the park.  *slurp*
iphone 20141012 - IMG_3300 So let’s see, this was the last trip to Disneyland for 2014.  Trip #4.  Hehe.  Gotta put that annual pass to gooooood use!

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