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Disneyland – January 2015

January came in with a bang!  Just like November did…last week.  Anywhosee, look at me posting!  The big Inaugural Star Wars 1/2 marathon weekend was in January.  And there was a little group of us running it!  The 5k that is.  Let’s be real here…  Below are alllllll cell phone pictures.  I’ll comment on some.  Enjoy!


Gabe was late to get her race packet it, but she made it in time for drinks!  Which was a priority after what should have been a 3-4 hour drive for her from SLO, turned into more like a 6 hour drive…


(And thus ends the last picture you’ll see of K on any of my social media. Not a long story, but weeks before we had mutually ended things.  It’s just that he was already registered to run…)

IMG_4151 IMG_4156 IMG_4158 IMG_4163


The main crew! And the cutest darn Star Wars characters ever!


IMG_4168 IMG_4173

And thus known as the last time I EVER risk my life on this ride.  EVER!!!

IMG_4180 IMG_4183 IMG_4187 IMG_4199 IMG_4218 IMG_4219 IMG_4224 IMG_4234

Heart eyes across the page.  LOVE the mint juleps!!!

IMG_4239 IMG_4242 IMG_4248 IMG_4252


IMG_4260 IMG_4266 IMG_4269 IMG_4273

Good times!!!  Now, to post about going to May.  Then again in September.  Oh, and I’m going again soon.  What?  It’s the last run for the year. 🙂

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