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Big Sur and 17 Mile Drive

So this happened… LAST YEAR!  Yes, like July 2015, over 14 months ago.  So you see, a year ago summer I hosted an intern.  She, Molly, was/is from Wisconsin.  And there were other out of state interns.  So we went on a tourist day to Carmel/Monterey/Big Sur/17 Mile Drive.  Evidence below…

This is Molly.  She was awesome, had no filter, and said it like it is.  I miss Molly.

carmel-with-interns-008 carmel-with-interns-010 carmel-with-interns-012 carmel-with-interns-014 carmel-with-interns-015 carmel-with-interns-017 carmel-with-interns-018 carmel-with-interns-019 carmel-with-interns-001 carmel-with-interns-002 carmel-with-interns-004

Apparently I didn’t get pictures of the other interns.  So I hope you enjoyed Molly, the squirrel, and the scenery.

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