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Newborn // Baby B

I love it when new little peanuts join us!  Especially when little peanuts belong to people that I’ve known forever.  This little princess’s mom is one of my sister’s bff’s!  Like they go way back, and have maintained their friendship through the years.

2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-001 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-004 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-006 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-009

2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-016 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-018 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-019 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-022 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-023 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-025 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-027 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-030 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-033 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-036 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-039 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-040 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-044 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-049 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-054 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-058 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-061 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-067 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-070 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-072 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-074

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