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Families // The W’s and The M’s

What do you do when you have 3 kids 3 years and under?  A whole lot of dancing, jumping, and noise making!  These 3 definitely kept me on my toes.  But how cute are these cousins!?!

2016-12-04-mackey-whetstone-026 2016-12-04-mackey-whetstone-027 2016-12-04-mackey-whetstone-029 2016-12-04-mackey-whetstone-033 2016-12-04-mackey-whetstone-034 2016-12-04-mackey-whetstone-035 2016-12-04-mackey-whetstone-037 2016-12-04-mackey-whetstone-040 2016-12-04-mackey-whetstone-043 2016-12-04-mackey-whetstone-044 2016-12-04-mackey-whetstone-046 2016-12-04-mackey-whetstone-048 2016-12-04-mackey-whetstone-001 2016-12-04-mackey-whetstone-005 2016-12-04-mackey-whetstone-008 2016-12-04-mackey-whetstone-011 2016-12-04-mackey-whetstone-013 2016-12-04-mackey-whetstone-016 2016-12-04-mackey-whetstone-020 2016-12-04-mackey-whetstone-022 2016-12-04-mackey-whetstone-024

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