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35 before 35

Oh wow!  It’s May already.  I’ve been planning this post and making a list, but time is just flying by!  Today I’m turning the big 3-4.  And that’s awesome, I’m totally cool with it.  But next year is one of those 5 year increment years.  You know, the ones that make you stop and think?  So I’ve decided that I would like to have a list of 35 things to do before I’m 35.  Some are measurable, some are not.  Some are bucket list items, some are just “I realllly want to get this done and I’ve procrastinated too long” items.  So, with that, the list.  If you want to join me on or with any just let me know!

  1. Take a cooking class at Ramekin in Sonoma
  2. No diets, just healthy changes
  3. Pay off credit card debt
  4. Drive hwy 1 from Monterey to Morro Bay
  5. Learn to crochet
  6. Visit my Aunt and Uncle in New Mexico
  7. Develop a repertoire of at least 14 meals I love
  8. Make an appointment with an allergist and consider treatment plan options
  9. Pay off half of the balance of the Terrain car loan
  10. Renovate backyard so it’s more private and a great place to gather
  11. Make a quilt
  12. Go to a family photography workshop
  13. Take my parents to Disneyland (it’s been probably 20 years since they’ve been)
  14. Write procedures for certain steps of my business
  15. Get a solid system in place for tracking income/expenses
  16. Actually send out Christmas cards
  17. Build new deck in backyard
  18. MAJOR clean up of landscape in backyard (trim and remove shrubs)
  19. Turn covered patio into a useable outside retreat
  20. Clean and organize studio room
  21. Finish the entertainment center building out
  22. Which means, rearrange the living room
  23. Do a session with colored powder (think color run powder)
  24. Use up all hair curling products
  25. Map out payment plan for invisalign (once debt is paid off)
  26. Lose 5% body fat… minimum.  I don’t know what I’m at now, but I know it’s gotta go!
  27. Buy the person’s coffee in line behind me.
  28. Write my will
  29. Walk or ride a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge
  30. Organize my office to be a functional room
  31. Start saving for kitchen remodel
  32. Get a massage
  33. Have an unplugged weekend.  EEK!
  34. Make customized planner for 2015 geared for personal and business life
  35. Pay off 1/2 of the car loan

I’ll check in every now and then and let you know how things are going.

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Engagement // Krystal and Bart

Ok, so I have to start this post with a story…  I’ve known Krystal for a little over 3 years now.  And I’m using the term known very loosely.  Krystal and I work for the same company, but she was in Texas while I was in California.  2 different plants, 2 different states, same company, within the same department.  But I never had a face to go with the name until she came out to visit some time ago.  This past fall though, Krystal applied for and was offered a position here in California at the corporate level.  So the big move was made.  And with her came with newly dubbed fiance.  But, here’s the funny part of the story…  Krystal just recently admitted that she was always intimidated to call or e-mail be because she thought that I was the “head QA boss lady”.  Which is soooooo far from the truth!  But funny.  Hey, at least I held clout with someone. 🙂

Krystal and Bart are living 2,000 miles from where their actual wedding is going to take place this fall.  So I was asked if I’d be interested in taking their engagement pictures.  Of course!  We set off to an almond orchard in early March, on a beautiful clear day, and ended up at a barn.  Boots and all!

2014-03 Bart and Krystal - 001 2014-03 Bart and Krystal - 003 2014-03 Bart and Krystal - 008 2014-03 Bart and Krystal - 011 2014-03 Bart and Krystal - 013 2014-03 Bart and Krystal - 015 2014-03 Bart and Krystal - 017 2014-03 Bart and Krystal - 021 2014-03 Bart and Krystal - 029 2014-03 Bart and Krystal - 032 2014-03 Bart and Krystal - 033 2014-03 Bart and Krystal - 039 2014-03 Bart and Krystal - 042 2014-03 Bart and Krystal - 043 2014-03 Bart and Krystal - 046 2014-03 Bart and Krystal - 050 2014-03 Bart and Krystal - 059 2014-03 Bart and Krystal - 062 2014-03 Bart and Krystal - 069 2014-03 Bart and Krystal - 070 2014-03 Bart and Krystal - 076 2014-03 Bart and Krystal - 081 2014-03 Bart and Krystal - 087

How stinkin’ cute are they!?!

Booking sessions! Contact me today for availability.

Kaitlin Moore - April 29, 2014 - 2:30 am

Love this session! Such a cute couple!

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Titus’s Dedication

Beginning of March was little man Titus’ dedication at Paige and Coleman’s church in Kingsburg.  What a special day for the family!

2014-03 Titus Dedication - 001 2014-03 Titus Dedication - 002


After church we all went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant.  It was yummy.  As you can see, Titus is totally enamored by Bompy.  Or maybe it’s the other way around…

2014-03 Titus Dedication - 005

Then Stephen met a fellow San Diego Charge fan.  There was an instant connect.  I’m pretty sure they would have talked football all day if allowed.  But it wasn’t allowed.  🙂

2014-03 Titus Dedication - 006

Then we drove to Clovis to hang out at Titus’ house before heading home to our own homes.  Such a special day.  🙂

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Second Shooting with CLP // Nevada City Wedding

Last June I was given the opportunity to second shoot a wedding with a friend of mine, Catie.  I’ve never second shot a wedding before, so I was thrilled with the opportunity and to spend the day with a friend.  The wedding took place in Nevada City, which is up in the Sierra Nevada’s, and it was a beautiful day.  That clean mountain air, combined with a wedding, does a person good!  Let me tell you, this wedding was so laid back, but yet well executed.  It was just beautiful.

2013-06 Stull Wedding - 001 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 007 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 013 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 016 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 020 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 021 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 030 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 032 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 033 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 036

Catie, she’s so pretty!

2013-06 Stull Wedding - 037 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 042 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 045 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 047 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 050 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 054 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 056 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 059 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 060 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 063 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 066

Second shooter privilege… getting pictures of the main photographer doin’ her thang!

2013-06 Stull Wedding - 067 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 068 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 070 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 072

So the bride and her mom’s side are originally from Chile.  Her aunt and grandparents were able to come to the States for the wedding, but other relatives were not.  What on earth did we do before facetime, and skype, and video chatting!?!

2013-06 Stull Wedding - 074 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 075 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 078 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 087 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 092 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 094 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 095 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 096 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 098 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 102

2013-06 Stull Wedding - 113

2013-06 Stull Wedding - 111 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 115 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 116 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 120

A job well done!  And that was our cue to stop at the nearest Starbucks on the way home to caffeine up for the 2 1/2 hour drive. 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 124

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, please contact Catie of Catherine Leanne Photography.

Catie Watkins - January 14, 2016 - 3:29 pm

Love these Courtney!!!!

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Newborn // Brooklynne

When one of my good friends reached out asking if I’d be available to take her newborn daughter’s pictures, of course I said yes!  Meet the newest little one and take her pictures?  Score!  So we scheduled a lovely, sunny Saturday afternoon and had some fun.

Before Brooklynne makes her big debut, first let’s check in on Braeden.  He’s 3 now.  Look how big he’s gotten!!!  And my word is he talking up a storm!

2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 001 Braeden is such a good big brother.  He’s very attentive towards his new baby sister.  They were just precious together!

2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 005

Meet Brooklynne…  Isn’t she just adorable!?!

2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 009 2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 014 2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 015 2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 018 2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 021 2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 024 2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 026 2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 030 2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 031 2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 035

I love the touches of family that Jenn used.  The pink blanket was crocheted (or knitted?) by family, and the quilt was made by an aunt.  Each item has sentimental meaning, and was made for and given to Brooklynne with love.

2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 040 2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 042 2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 044

Booking sessions!  Contact me today for availability.

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