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Kaitlin and Stephen … way back when

Way back when, about umpteen million minutes ago, I took Kaitlin and Stephen out for a little practice/learn photo session.  We may our way up to Ripon and met up with some of my photog friends for an off camera flash practice session.  But, on our way we had fun!  Kaitlin is always up for being my little photo subject, but this time we dragged Stephen into a few of the pictures too.  🙂

2013-04 Kait and Stephen - 001.jpg
2013-04 Kait and Stephen - 003.jpg
2013-04 Kait and Stephen - 007.jpg
2013-04 Kait and Stephen - 012.jpg Too bad her arms are cut off… fail.  My little sister is so cute! 2013-04 Kait and Stephen - 016.jpg
2013-04 Kait and Stephen - 018.jpg
2013-04 Kait and Stephen - 021.jpg
2013-04 Kait and Stephen - 023.jpg
2013-04 Kait and Stephen - 026.jpg

2013-04 Kait and Stephen - 028.jpg

And scene…

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Titus // 3 months

Hello Olaf!  Just kidding!  Have you see Frozen, do you get the joke? Or, do you wanna build a snowman?  I think of that song every time I see this little guy in his snowman shirt.  Though, he doesn’t seem too phased by it.  But I think he is a bit curious why his Aunt is behind a camera and not loving all over him.  It’s my love language Titus, to take your picture and preserve you at this age, at this moment forever.  I’ll love on you once I put the camera down.  🙂

Paige and Titus came up Valentine’s Day weekend while Coleman was off with his Junior Highers at their winter camp.  So while they were here, and just shy of Ti being officially 3 months old, we went out to take some pictures.  It was a busy weekend… Kaitlin found her dress (she’s engaged, more on that later), the girls went and got pedicures (Ti came along to pick out polish colors), and we ate a lot of good food.  So it’s only fitting we keep with the keep moving theme and take pictures too.  Thank goodness it was a lovely day, not too cold and not raining.

2014-02 Titus at 3 mo - 001 2014-02 Titus at 3 mo - 005 2014-02 Titus at 3 mo - 010 2014-02 Titus at 3 mo - 013 2014-02 Titus at 3 mo - 018

I love all his little faces!

2014-02 Titus at 3 mo - 021 2014-02 Titus at 3 mo - 029 2014-02 Titus at 3 mo - 041

There’s a plan for this picture, I’m just waiting for Paige to provide some info.  Hope to share it soon.  It’s still cute this way though!

2014-02 Titus at 3 mo - 048

Booking sessions!  Contact me today for availability.

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Christmas 2013

Christmas with the family.  All 11(!!!) of us!  Paige and Coleman decided to venture out of their home and come up for a few nights with their new little man.  And of course we were all thrilled that they decided to do so.  Christmases are forever changed now that there is a nephew/grandson/son around, and it’ll continue to get better and he gets older and more are added to the mix.

Let me tell you, Bompy (my dad) is loving being a grandparent.  He sooooo looks forward to his Ty-Ty Time!  It’s really cute actually.  😉

2013-12 christmas - 045


Kaitlin is so funny.  And mom turned into a Japanese teenager.  She’s just missing the duck lips.  Lol.

2013-12 christmas - 046 2013-12 christmas - 048

Guess who got a new bike helmet for Christmas…  Did you know you’re supposed to retire your helmets after so long?  Kinda like running shoes.  But who really does that?

2013-12 christmas - 050

The first time Layne-Lou met Titus.  She had been obsessing about him, so it was fitting that she actually meet him.  Super cute… he fussed, she sang him a lullaby!

2013-12 christmas - 052

Then there are the necessary snuggles with Grammy.

2013-12 christmas - 054

Then, while the others played games, I got some snuggle time.

2013-12 christmas - 056

Let me say, having a baby around the house is pretty special.  Of course, I’m not the one doing all the hard work either.  But I’ll still love on him when I can.  🙂

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2013 Christmas at the Harlan’s

Our annual Christmas with the cousins grew by 1 this year.  Actually it grew by 4, Whitney, Paul and Will also joined.  BUT, there’s a new kid in town.  And he was just shy of being a month old.

2013-12 christmas - 001 2013-12 christmas - 003 2013-12 christmas - 005 2013-12 christmas - 008 2013-12 christmas - 010 2013-12 christmas - 011 2013-12 christmas - 012 2013-12 christmas - 014 2013-12 christmas - 016 2013-12 christmas - 021

Kaitlin really wanted pictures of she and Stephen taken.  So a quicky at sunset happened.

2013-12 christmas - 024 2013-12 christmas - 028 2013-12 christmas - 031 2013-12 christmas - 033 2013-12 christmas - 034 2013-12 christmas - 039 2013-12 christmas - 043

The end.

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Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving this year was eventful and quiet all in one.  Titus was born the day before, so there was excitement in the air but yet a relaxing calm.  It was a pretty chill holiday, and it was kinda nice.

The best seat in the house on Thanksgiving is… under the turkey carver…

2013-11 November - 004 2013-11 November - 005

In honor of Titus, who was born the day before, we lit and released a lantern.  I’m not gonna lie, I was scared something was going to catch on fire.  Or it was going to hit a power line.  Thank God none of that happened!

2013-11 November - 008 2013-11 November - 010 2013-11 November - 014

Then we had dessert.  And indulged.

2013-11 November - 018

The end.


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