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Titus’s Dedication

Beginning of March was little man Titus’ dedication at Paige and Coleman’s church in Kingsburg.  What a special day for the family!

2014-03 Titus Dedication - 001 2014-03 Titus Dedication - 002


After church we all went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant.  It was yummy.  As you can see, Titus is totally enamored by Bompy.  Or maybe it’s the other way around…

2014-03 Titus Dedication - 005

Then Stephen met a fellow San Diego Charge fan.  There was an instant connect.  I’m pretty sure they would have talked football all day if allowed.  But it wasn’t allowed.  🙂

2014-03 Titus Dedication - 006

Then we drove to Clovis to hang out at Titus’ house before heading home to our own homes.  Such a special day.  🙂

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Second Shooting with CLP // Nevada City Wedding

Last June I was given the opportunity to second shoot a wedding with a friend of mine, Catie.  I’ve never second shot a wedding before, so I was thrilled with the opportunity and to spend the day with a friend.  The wedding took place in Nevada City, which is up in the Sierra Nevada’s, and it was a beautiful day.  That clean mountain air, combined with a wedding, does a person good!  Let me tell you, this wedding was so laid back, but yet well executed.  It was just beautiful.

2013-06 Stull Wedding - 001 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 007 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 013 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 016 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 020 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 021 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 030 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 032 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 033 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 036

Catie, she’s so pretty!

2013-06 Stull Wedding - 037 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 042 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 045 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 047 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 050 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 054 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 056 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 059 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 060 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 063 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 066

Second shooter privilege… getting pictures of the main photographer doin’ her thang!

2013-06 Stull Wedding - 067 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 068 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 070 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 072

So the bride and her mom’s side are originally from Chile.  Her aunt and grandparents were able to come to the States for the wedding, but other relatives were not.  What on earth did we do before facetime, and skype, and video chatting!?!

2013-06 Stull Wedding - 074 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 075 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 078 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 087 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 092 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 094 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 095 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 096 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 098 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 102

2013-06 Stull Wedding - 113

2013-06 Stull Wedding - 111 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 115 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 116 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 120

A job well done!  And that was our cue to stop at the nearest Starbucks on the way home to caffeine up for the 2 1/2 hour drive. 2013-06 Stull Wedding - 124

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, please contact Catie of Catherine Leanne Photography.

Catie Watkins - January 14, 2016 - 3:29 pm

Love these Courtney!!!!

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Newborn // Brooklynne

When one of my good friends reached out asking if I’d be available to take her newborn daughter’s pictures, of course I said yes!  Meet the newest little one and take her pictures?  Score!  So we scheduled a lovely, sunny Saturday afternoon and had some fun.

Before Brooklynne makes her big debut, first let’s check in on Braeden.  He’s 3 now.  Look how big he’s gotten!!!  And my word is he talking up a storm!

2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 001 Braeden is such a good big brother.  He’s very attentive towards his new baby sister.  They were just precious together!

2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 005

Meet Brooklynne…  Isn’t she just adorable!?!

2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 009 2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 014 2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 015 2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 018 2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 021 2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 024 2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 026 2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 030 2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 031 2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 035

I love the touches of family that Jenn used.  The pink blanket was crocheted (or knitted?) by family, and the quilt was made by an aunt.  Each item has sentimental meaning, and was made for and given to Brooklynne with love.

2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 040 2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 042 2014-02 Brooklynne Johnson - 044

Booking sessions!  Contact me today for availability.

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Kaitlin and Stephen … way back when

Way back when, about umpteen million minutes ago, I took Kaitlin and Stephen out for a little practice/learn photo session.  We may our way up to Ripon and met up with some of my photog friends for an off camera flash practice session.  But, on our way we had fun!  Kaitlin is always up for being my little photo subject, but this time we dragged Stephen into a few of the pictures too.  🙂

2013-04 Kait and Stephen - 001.jpg
2013-04 Kait and Stephen - 003.jpg
2013-04 Kait and Stephen - 007.jpg
2013-04 Kait and Stephen - 012.jpg Too bad her arms are cut off… fail.  My little sister is so cute! 2013-04 Kait and Stephen - 016.jpg
2013-04 Kait and Stephen - 018.jpg
2013-04 Kait and Stephen - 021.jpg
2013-04 Kait and Stephen - 023.jpg
2013-04 Kait and Stephen - 026.jpg

2013-04 Kait and Stephen - 028.jpg

And scene…

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Titus // 3 months

Hello Olaf!  Just kidding!  Have you see Frozen, do you get the joke? Or, do you wanna build a snowman?  I think of that song every time I see this little guy in his snowman shirt.  Though, he doesn’t seem too phased by it.  But I think he is a bit curious why his Aunt is behind a camera and not loving all over him.  It’s my love language Titus, to take your picture and preserve you at this age, at this moment forever.  I’ll love on you once I put the camera down.  🙂

Paige and Titus came up Valentine’s Day weekend while Coleman was off with his Junior Highers at their winter camp.  So while they were here, and just shy of Ti being officially 3 months old, we went out to take some pictures.  It was a busy weekend… Kaitlin found her dress (she’s engaged, more on that later), the girls went and got pedicures (Ti came along to pick out polish colors), and we ate a lot of good food.  So it’s only fitting we keep with the keep moving theme and take pictures too.  Thank goodness it was a lovely day, not too cold and not raining.

2014-02 Titus at 3 mo - 001 2014-02 Titus at 3 mo - 005 2014-02 Titus at 3 mo - 010 2014-02 Titus at 3 mo - 013 2014-02 Titus at 3 mo - 018

I love all his little faces!

2014-02 Titus at 3 mo - 021 2014-02 Titus at 3 mo - 029 2014-02 Titus at 3 mo - 041

There’s a plan for this picture, I’m just waiting for Paige to provide some info.  Hope to share it soon.  It’s still cute this way though!

2014-02 Titus at 3 mo - 048

Booking sessions!  Contact me today for availability.

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