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Christmas 2013

Christmas with the family.  All 11(!!!) of us!  Paige and Coleman decided to venture out of their home and come up for a few nights with their new little man.  And of course we were all thrilled that they decided to do so.  Christmases are forever changed now that there is a nephew/grandson/son around, and it’ll continue to get better and he gets older and more are added to the mix.

Let me tell you, Bompy (my dad) is loving being a grandparent.  He sooooo looks forward to his Ty-Ty Time!  It’s really cute actually.  😉

2013-12 christmas - 045


Kaitlin is so funny.  And mom turned into a Japanese teenager.  She’s just missing the duck lips.  Lol.

2013-12 christmas - 046 2013-12 christmas - 048

Guess who got a new bike helmet for Christmas…  Did you know you’re supposed to retire your helmets after so long?  Kinda like running shoes.  But who really does that?

2013-12 christmas - 050

The first time Layne-Lou met Titus.  She had been obsessing about him, so it was fitting that she actually meet him.  Super cute… he fussed, she sang him a lullaby!

2013-12 christmas - 052

Then there are the necessary snuggles with Grammy.

2013-12 christmas - 054

Then, while the others played games, I got some snuggle time.

2013-12 christmas - 056

Let me say, having a baby around the house is pretty special.  Of course, I’m not the one doing all the hard work either.  But I’ll still love on him when I can.  🙂

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2013 Christmas at the Harlan’s

Our annual Christmas with the cousins grew by 1 this year.  Actually it grew by 4, Whitney, Paul and Will also joined.  BUT, there’s a new kid in town.  And he was just shy of being a month old.

2013-12 christmas - 001 2013-12 christmas - 003 2013-12 christmas - 005 2013-12 christmas - 008 2013-12 christmas - 010 2013-12 christmas - 011 2013-12 christmas - 012 2013-12 christmas - 014 2013-12 christmas - 016 2013-12 christmas - 021

Kaitlin really wanted pictures of she and Stephen taken.  So a quicky at sunset happened.

2013-12 christmas - 024 2013-12 christmas - 028 2013-12 christmas - 031 2013-12 christmas - 033 2013-12 christmas - 034 2013-12 christmas - 039 2013-12 christmas - 043

The end.

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Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving this year was eventful and quiet all in one.  Titus was born the day before, so there was excitement in the air but yet a relaxing calm.  It was a pretty chill holiday, and it was kinda nice.

The best seat in the house on Thanksgiving is… under the turkey carver…

2013-11 November - 004 2013-11 November - 005

In honor of Titus, who was born the day before, we lit and released a lantern.  I’m not gonna lie, I was scared something was going to catch on fire.  Or it was going to hit a power line.  Thank God none of that happened!

2013-11 November - 008 2013-11 November - 010 2013-11 November - 014

Then we had dessert.  And indulged.

2013-11 November - 018

The end.


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Baby Shower

Oh my gosh!  This is about 4 months too late!  Many many moons ago Kaitlin, Bree, Joanna, and I threw Paige a baby shower. Little man theme, complete with bow ties! 2013-10 Paige Baby Shower - 001

How to win over your sister’s mother in law… Make gluten free cupcakes to accommodate her!

2013-10 Paige Baby Shower - 002

Onsie iron on station.  This kid is set with tie onsies until he’s into 18 months.  Or was it 2 years…?

2013-10 Paige Baby Shower - 006

2013-10 Paige Baby Shower - 008 2013-10 Paige Baby Shower - 011

2013-10 Paige Baby Shower - 012

2013-10 Paige Baby Shower - 013

2013-10 Paige Baby Shower - 016

Bree knitted Titus a Harry Potter Weasley sweater!  Freakin’ adorable!

2013-10 Paige Baby Shower - 019

The crocheted blanket was made by my grandma (I think…), and Grammy (my mom) quilted the sailboat quilt.

2013-10 Paige Baby Shower - 021 2013-10 Paige Baby Shower - 023

Grandmas, Aunties, Cousins, and Mama-to-be!

2013-10 Paige Baby Shower - 025


2013-10 Paige Baby Shower - 026

The Montague girls!  PS: I’m a goober!

2013-10 Paige Baby Shower - 027

Sisters!  (sorry for the blurry pictures…)

2013-10 Paige Baby Shower - 029


Of course Titus is here now, turning 3 months this coming week.  He is freakin’ adorable!  And no, I’m not a biased Aunt! 😉

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2013.11 L&J and Family

Can I just say… This has got to be one of my favorite sessions to date!  Enjoy!

Taylor Luepke - 001 Taylor Luepke - 003 Taylor Luepke - 006 Taylor Luepke - 010 Taylor Luepke - 017 Taylor Luepke - 023 Taylor Luepke - 029 Taylor Luepke - 032 Taylor Luepke - 035 Taylor Luepke - 037 Taylor Luepke - 042 Taylor Luepke - 045 Taylor Luepke - 049 Taylor Luepke - 052 Taylor Luepke - 060 Taylor Luepke - 062

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