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4 About Me

I thought this little trivia might be fun for you!

four jobs i have had in my life:

  1. caterer
  2. alumni office at Cal Poly during college
  3. local county fair – not a carnie! I worked full time all year long.
  4. quality assurance at a very large cheese manufacturer

four movies i’ve watched more than once:

  1. lion king – all time favorite disney cartoon
  2. little rascals – dear darla, i hate your stinkin’ guts…
  3. jerry mcguire
  4. love actually

four places i’ve lived:

  1. Winton
  2. Hilmar
  3. San Luis Obispo
  4. Turlock

four tv shows i watch:

  1. New Girl
  2. Nashville
  3. Arrow
  4. Grey’s Anatomy

four places i have been:

  1. Hawaii
  2. Washington DC
  3. Seattle
  4. Chicago

four favorite foods:

  1. candy
  2. candy cane
  3. candy corn
  4. syrup

Ok, in all seriousness

  1. cupcakes
  2. mac & cheese
  3. homemade bruschetta
  4. spaghetti squash (I had to put something healthy in there)

four places i’d rather be right now:

  1. Hawaii
  2. Bora Bora
  3. Fiji
  4. anywhere with white sand, blue ocean, and warm temperatures

four things i’m looking forward to this year:

  1. Kaitlin & Stephen’s wedding!
  2. Watch my nephew grow during his first year of life
  3. Photographing amazing people
  4. Learning how to balance life better

four places i love to shop:

  1. Ulta/Sephora
  2. Target
  3. IKEA
  4. Cost Plus

Post the same and answer.  If you do so comment the link below.  🙂

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Oktoberfest 2013

Many moons ago we, my family, had our something a rather we’re guessing 10th Oktoberfest.  Homemade beer.  Homemade sausage.  Full of friends.  But first we had to lead up to the weekend… Which included a late, after work drive to the San Jose Airport to pick up a surprise secret guest…  Gabe (summer intern) flew out from South Carolina for the weekend!  The surprise on mom’s face the next morning was PRICELESS!

Friday is always the big prep day.  Sometimes the prep party is just as much fun, if not more fun, than the actual event.  It’s when all the magic happens.  This year Friday also happened to be Hilmar’s homecoming.  And the parade pretty much starts in front of my parent’s house. (please note, the below pictures were not taken by me, I’ll let you know when they were).

2013-10 Pre Oktoberfest - 001 2013-10 Pre Oktoberfest - 003

The men folk stay outside to mix their sausage concoctions.  And then stuff the sausage into links.

2013-10 Pre Oktoberfest - 005

2013-10 Pre Oktoberfest - 009

Here’s Paige BT (before Titus)!  As cute as she was pregnant, we’re so happy that he’s here!

2013-10 Pre Oktoberfest - 013

2013-10 Pre Oktoberfest - 015 2013-10 Pre Oktoberfest - 021

And the women stay inside to make the strudel.

2013-10 Pre Oktoberfest - 023

Then there’s the snacking, munching, and BBQ dinner.  This year’s appetizers included abalone and mountain oysters.

2013-10 Pre Oktoberfest - 027 2013-10 Pre Oktoberfest - 031 2013-10 Pre Oktoberfest - 036 2013-10 Pre Oktoberfest - 039 2013-10 Pre Oktoberfest - 044

Sisters! (in-laws)

2013-10 Pre Oktoberfest - 045 2013-10 Pre Oktoberfest - 050

Looks like Riley would like some beer…?

2013-10 Pre Oktoberfest - 051

Aunt Missy even had work in California during the week so she was able to join us!

2013-10 Pre Oktoberfest - 053

The attack pack!

2013-10 Pre Oktoberfest - 055

The next day was more getting ready.  Here’s the few pictures I actually took.  Do you know how hard it is to hold a camera, beer, and strudel at the same time?  You can tell which 2 won… It wasn’t the camera…

2013-10 Oktoberfest - 001

2013-10 Oktoberfest - 004

2013-10 Oktoberfest - 007

2013-10 Oktoberfest - 009

Of course, it was fun.  Really fun in fact.  I always look forward to this weekend during the year.  It’s always a great time to plan, create, and reconnect.  While stuffing my face with good food.  🙂


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2013.11 Jones Family

Oy vey!  I’m still catching up from the late fall photo sessions that I did.  And I want to make sure that I share them because the people I capture with my camera are all very special, beautiful people.  So please bear with me as I get caught up.  🙂

I love the the Jones family.  There, I said it!  They are a group of cool people.  The dad, Tim, was my realtor.  The mom, was one of my brother’s teachers.  Jacqueline, she makes wine!  And the boys are just a hoot!

2013-11 Jones Family - 002

2013-11 Jones Family - 005 2013-11 Jones Family - 007 2013-11 Jones Family - 010 2013-11 Jones Family - 012 2013-11 Jones Family - 016 2013-11 Jones Family - 017 2013-11 Jones Family - 021 2013-11 Jones Family - 026 2013-11 Jones Family - 028 2013-11 Jones Family - 032

Booking sessions!  Contact me today for availability.

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Introducing… Titus


I can’t believe this little booger is almost 2 months old!  Everybody, I’d like you to meet my nephew, Titus!  He’s so cute!  I love him to pieces.  I went down to visit and take his newborn pictures when he was about 10 days old (which is very important for newborn photography).  Look at how alert he is though!!!

2013-12 Baby Titus - 001 2013-12 Baby Titus - 010 2013-12 Baby Titus - 012 2013-12 Baby Titus - 013 2013-12 Baby Titus - 014 2013-12 Baby Titus - 016

I brought down an old army (or navy?) suitcase that belonged to my grandpa, Bompy, to use as a prop.  And his talented mama, my sister, knitted the green blanket.  I love all the little things that make these pictures oh so much more special.

2013-12 Baby Titus - 021 2013-12 Baby Titus - 026 2013-12 Baby Titus - 028 2013-12 Baby Titus - 029 2013-12 Baby Titus - 033 2013-12 Baby Titus - 035


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2013.11 D Girls

These girls!  I feel like I start every post for these 3 with “these girls”.  What can I say?!?  I love ’em!  They’re special to me and I just can’t get enough of them. And this year was no exception.  I value the friendship that I’ve had for the last umpteen years with their mom, then add in their dad (he’s a hoot), and then these 3 joined the picture.  I’ve loved watching them grow and develop, and I can’t wait for more.

This year’s session was special, because it took place on their property.  Over the summer they upped and left the “city” (and I use that term loosely in this area), to live out on the country.  With walnut trees, hills, and a vineyard and river in the distance.  So we went on an “adbenture” and took pictures.

2013-11 R Dickey - 001 2013-11 R Dickey - 003 2013-11 R Dickey - 007 2013-11 R Dickey - 011 2013-11 R Dickey - 016 2013-11 R Dickey - 022 2013-11 R Dickey - 025 2013-11 R Dickey - 027

Can you tell these 3 get into trouble and no good…?

2013-11 R Dickey - 031 2013-11 R Dickey - 046 2013-11 R Dickey - 051

Booking sessions!  Contact me today for availability.

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