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Taco Tuesday

Back sometime ago, during the summer, when all the interns were still around… (blogger post timing fail) My parents invited all the interns to join them on a short 20 minute “sail” from the Stockton Sail Club to Windmill Cove for Taco Tuesday.  Including my parents, Kaitlin, and myself there were about 15 people on the boat.  A little loaded, but well worth it.

Taco Tuesday is at a restaurant in the Stockton Delta, where every Tuesday (duh!) it’s all you can eat tacos or $7 or $8 bucks.  And for being cheap, they’re pretty good!


Gabe and Austin dancing…


The sunset…


The interns and hosts…


More setting sun…


And the sister.


A good time was had by all.  This year was such a good year with the interns and I’m grateful that I got to know many of them, and can now call them friends.

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Go Giants!

The weekend after 4th of July I was invited to go to a SF Giants game.  And of course I said yes!  They played the Dodgers, and unfortunately the Giants lost.  But it was still a fun game nonetheless.

See the aisle behind home plate?  Ad see that little black box area that’s part of the aisle?  Yea… That’s where I was sitting… 🙂

2013-07 Giants Game - 001

Mom, Dad, and Uncle Brad were out in the bleachers (sorry guys!), so we walked out there to say hello.

2013-07 Giants Game - 002


Then we walked around the rest of the park, past McCovey Cove. 2013-07 Giants Game - 003

Game face!  Let’s go Giants!

2013-07 Giants Game - 004

So our seats weren’t that bad.  😉

2013-07 Giants Game - 005

After the lose we drove home.  Monday was a new day, and back to work.  Wah wah…

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D Family

This family.  Let me tell you, they are near and dear to my heart.  I can go a year without seeing them, but when I do it’s so easy to catch up.  I was honored when Dorothy contacted me to take their family portraits.  Including the newest addition, little Billie Ann.

2013-09 DeRuiter Family - 002 2013-09 DeRuiter Family - 008 2013-09 DeRuiter Family - 010 2013-09 DeRuiter Family - 013 2013-09 DeRuiter Family - 018 2013-09 DeRuiter Family - 020 2013-09 DeRuiter Family - 025 2013-09 DeRuiter Family - 028 2013-09 DeRuiter Family - 033 2013-09 DeRuiter Family - 036 2013-09 DeRuiter Family - 044 2013-09 DeRuiter Family - 047 2013-09 DeRuiter Family - 026 2013-09 DeRuiter Family - 051

Booking sessions!  Contact me today for availability.

Tryphena Plasier - November 27, 2013 - 10:58 pm

What great fun pictures!

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Many moons ago, in July, Kaitlin and I joined a group of the interns that were going on a day trip.  We heard “jelly belly” and “beer”.  We were in!  And we invited ourselves. 🙂

First stop was Jelly Belly, which apparently I didn’t take any pictures at.  We went on the tour, ate some samples, and bought some belly flops.  Ok, I bought some belly flops.  I couldn’t pass it up!  Plus, I was orders from people.

After that we went down the road to the Budweiser factory.  I was cool, though not as much of a tour as I was expecting.  Coors (in Colorado) definitely has them beat there.  But I will say, Bud has some awesome uses of lean manufacturing concepts in their plant.  Dad and Kevin have taught me well.  And I noticed nerdy things like that.  And I took pictures.  Which makes me even more of a nerd.  And deal with it, but I shared some with you below.  You’re welcome!

2013-07 Day with Interns - 001 2013-07 Day with Interns - 003 2013-07 Day with Interns - 005 2013-07 Day with Interns - 006

Not pictured, unless you follow me on instagram (@camontague), was a stop at Lagunitas in Petaluma.  Real beer stop #1.  Good beer.  Really good beer.  Where “Speer beaks.  Meople pumble.”  If you’re in Northern California, or can get it (any of it) where you are, do it!  You’re welcome.

After Laugunitas, we drove a little further to Russian River Brewing for brews and dinner.  The wait for dinner (pizza) was looooonnnnnnggggg.  I suggest calling ahead, which I didn’t know you could do or else we would have done that about oh, 2 hours before getting there.  But the beers, all 15 or so that they make and were on tap, were good.  Even the ‘sour’ beers, though interesting, were good.

By the way, disclaimer for those wondering, I drove from about the beer tasting/drinking portion of the day and on.  Personally, I had samples/sips of what others got.  We were safe and responsible all day.  And we had fun!

At one point Kaitlin and I went to the cars to put away some stuff that we were tired of carrying.  Like the cupcakes we got from Sift! But we passed this little patch of a yard and I yelled at her to jump in.  The lighting was great, the colors were fun.  Why not!!?

2013-07 Day with Interns - 011

After not eating til about 8:30/9ish.  Or maybe it was later.  Then letting the “kids” (aka interns, youngins, college students) have their last sips of liquid, we called it a night.  And still had 3 hours to drive home.  Needless to say, I was ready to sleep by about 1:30 when I crashed in bed.  But boy was it a good day!

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4th of July

Fourth of July!  Which was just a couple months ago…  Courtney posting fail.  At least I’m getting to it.  So this summer my parents hosted not 2, but 3 HCC interns!  2 of which were from out of states, and there were many others from out of state this year too.  So my parent’s house became the hang out.  There’s a pool.  Need I say more.  So 4th of July was a bunch of the interns, so friends, and family.  And of course lots of food and beer.  Including hush puppies (thanks to our South Carolinian, Gabe).  Frying hush puppies then became fry anything we could get our hands on.  And by “we” I mean Dad, Stephen, and Gabe.

2013-07 4th of July - 004 2013-07 4th of July - 003 2013-07 4th of July - 008 2013-07 4th of July - 012 2013-07 4th of July - 015 2013-07 4th of July - 018

Preggo Paige and Coleman came up.  It was great to see my sister and her growing belly.  She was about 5ish months here.

2013-07 4th of July - 022

When it got dark the fireworks came out.  There were 2 little scaredy cats across the street…  They don’t like loud noises.

2013-07 4th of July - 024 2013-07 4th of July - 025 2013-07 4th of July - 029

Lily loved them though!

2013-07 4th of July - 031 2013-07 4th of July - 034 2013-07 4th of July - 036 2013-07 4th of July - 039 2013-07 4th of July - 040 2013-07 4th of July - 045 2013-07 4th of July - 050 2013-07 4th of July - 053 2013-07 4th of July - 056

Good time.  The end.  🙂

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