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Lake Tahoe Family Vacation – photo session

As promised, I’m here to share our little impromptu family photo session on the beach.  I had my tripod with me, but it just wasn’t going to work because of the sandy, sloped ground.  So instead I set up the exposure (test shots below), handed my camera to Anna (the intern that vacationed with us), and told her to fire away.  This worked pretty great for the big group family photos.  After that I was able to take over or pass my camera off to Coleman or Stephen (both Nikon users, whoop whoop!).  Hope you enjoy my beautiful, quirky family!

I had the photo below printed on a 16×20 gallery wrap canvas.  And I love it!  Now I just need to actually hang it on a wall…

Photo bombing courtesy of Chris…

Happily married for over 35 years!

Who turned on the wind machine?

The original 6. 🙂

Morphed into 8.

Anna, the intern.  She arrived to California Mother’s Day weekend, and was the first of 3 interns to stay with my parents this summer.  HCC really does have a great program with their summer interns.

My go-to model.  And my bookend.  That’s what I call us, the bookend siblings.  I’m the oldest, she’s the youngest.  The ends.  The bookends.

The 2 stray dudes and a photo bomber. 😉

The end.  It was time for dinner so we left.  🙂

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Lake Tahoe Family Vacation – day 5/last day

Being as we went to Lake Tahoe during Memorial Day weekend, we were able to stay for a nice long weekend.  So Monday morning came, which means it was time to pack up, clean up, and head out.  Before leaving the mountains though, we drove up to Emerald Bay.  Though we did not hike down to Emerald Bay.  The look out vista was enough for me. 😉

Then we drove up a little further to Eagle Falls.

After our little detour it was time to hit the road.  With everyone else that was leaving Tahoe.  Soooo… it took over an hour to go about 5 miles before we got off of Hwy 50 and took a different route home.  I drove.  It snowed a little.  Check “drive in the snow” off my bucket list!  We stopped in Jackson to look in some antique shops, then my car load stopped at Kevin’s parent’s house to say hello.  And for Stephen to see the gold mining equipment and taste homemade wine.  Then we finished the drive and went home.

But the trip doesn’t end there.  We stopped at my parent’s to drop off Kaitlin and Stephen, as well as pick up my pups.  Well, when I walked in the back door I was greeted by the fam.  And… Paige and Coleman announced that they’re expecting!  So, I’m going to be an Aunt!  Yeah!

The End.

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Lake Tahoe Family Vacation – day 4

Sunday morning came in with a bang.  Or we were just all tired from the day before.  Coleman and Stephen left to go fishing bright and early, while the rest of us slowly woke up and decided what to do for the day. Oh, and I almost forgot, today was the day that Kevin and I were in charge of making breakfast… berry crepes and fresh fruit.  Yum!

And it was decided that we were going to drive a little north, where we ended up at Zephyr Cove.  Where, as you can see, it was a beautiful day.  (Where I also got to play with the Nikkor 24-70 2.8, and feel in love with that lens.)

The younger crowd headed back to the house for a late lunch, while the older crowd (myself included) went to The Brewery for lunch.

By the time we got back to the cabin, Chris and Colleen had taken off to go home and Coleman and Paige had started dinner.  After some downtime about 1/2 of the group went out to the casinos.  You know, can’t win millions if you don’t try…  Kevin was the only successful one.

Better luck next time…

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Lake Tahoe Family Vacation – day 3

Saturday, after breakfast and getting ready, Dad, Coleman, and Stephen decided to attempt to go fishing.  The rest of us went to play mini golf.  At one of the best little mom and pop mini golf courses ever!  We played I think it was 24 holes (that was the course length!), and teamed up.  Chris, Colleen, Kevin, and myself against Kaitlin, Mom, Paige, and Anna (the intern).  My team won.  Because Colleen pretty much rocked it and got multiple hole in ones.  Oh, and genius over here forgot her big girl camera, so enjoy the iphone pics.  :/

After the golf match we met back with the the guys and went to lunch at Stateline Brewery.  I got a big girl fruity fru-fru drink.  And I’m super talented with the cherry stems.  😉

From there we split up.  Some of us went to the casino to bet on electronic horses, and others went back to the cabin to rest.  Eventually we all made our was back to home base to start getting dinner ready.  Mom and Dad were in charge.  We had NY steak.  We ate like freakin’ kings and queens!  Before dinner really got going we all put our anchor shirts back on for a quick family photo shoot at the lake.  Those pictures will go in a special post, but here are some of the goofing off and having fun pictures.  🙂

Yep, totally caught Mom mid-yawn through the side mirror.

Dinner was had.  We were all stuffed.  And lounging began.  Oh, and wine was consumed.

Coleman “Kaepernicking”.  That’s my boy!  Represent the local hero! 🙂

I saw a recipe on pinterest, so I decided to make it.  1 blender, 1 bottle of wine, and frozen berries.  Yum!

While Chris broke out the board games to play…

I did the dishes.  Yes, see, I do clean dishes!  Or load the dishwasher.  Notice the dead soldiers on the window sill?

Poor Dad got in the hot tub alone.  So we joined him.  Then he got out.  And took pictures of us.  Eek!

After the hot tub everyone was pretty much winding down and made their way to bed.

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Lake Tahoe Family Vacation – day 2

Friday morning… we slept in, we ate breakfast, we played on our mobile devices.  Hey, the cabin had wifi, what can I say?

We went out to lunch at a sandwich shop, then we went down to see and touch the lake.  Yep, it was cold.  It’s cold in May, it’s cold in July, so I’d put money on it that it’s cold in November.  Really, I’m the betting kind.  I bet you a soda it’s cold in November.  Any takers?  As you can see though, it was a beautiful day.  Really, all weekend we couldn’t have asked for better weather.

My brother… he’s totally making fun of me.  Hey, I work the selfie with my 5 pound camera!  Though, it’s quite difficult with the 50mm and my short arms.

Love all these goofs!

I wanted to jump in so badly!  But it was just way tooooo cold.  I’m pretty sure I would have frozen bits if I did go in.

Rockin’ the timer.  Nobody else followed us to the far end of the beach where the rocks were.  So we had our own little party.

After going to the beach we split off into 2 groups.  1 group (Chris, Colleen, Stephen, and Kaitlin) went out to Emerald Bay and went on a little hike.  And Kevin and I went to get groceries for the breakfast we were in charge of, when we rested and napped before everyone else showed up. Which they did, around 4pm.

Everyone got settled in, Kaitlin and Stephen started making dinner (Salmon, yum!), and we decided to surprise dad with the shirts that we (Kaitlin, Colleen, and myself) made.  Anchors, how fitting!  And…then we ended up wearing them while playing a game.  A game that got a bit heated at times.  But, it was all fun.  Guys vs. Girls.  Guess who won.  I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t the guys…  😉

See that stack of board games in the corner?  Chris brought all of them!  Including the game that we were playing…which I can’t remember the name of right now.  But it was fun!

After the game everyone started unwinding and headed to bed.  …

Lake Tahoe Day 1

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