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Paul and Whitney’s Wedding Weekend

Just a little over 2 months ago my cousin got married.  Whitney is my first cousin on my mom’s side (like, she’s the first cousin born), and she’s also the first cousin to get married.  My siblings don’t count for that, since they’re you know, my siblings.  Whitney grew up in Central Washington state.  Upon graduating high school she moved to California to attend Stanford University.  Which, can I tell you was awesome because we got to see her for more than just Thanksgiving.  During her stint at Stanford she met, dated, fell in love with, and became engaged to Paul.  We, my family and I, knew something was up when she asked if she could bring him to stay for Easter weekend.  That was just 2 years ago.  And fitting because they got married Easter weekend outside of Palo Alto.

Weddings are always great because they bring family together.  I had a great-aunt fly out from Minnesota, and another aunt and her husband fly in from New Mexico (of which I need to get out and visit!).  I hadn’t seen both of these aunts since Chris’ and Paige’s weddings 2 years ago.  So I’m going to run you through the weekend…

Kevin and I left around noon on Friday.  We wanted to get checked into the hotel, rest, and changed before the rehearsal dinner.  As we were parking we ran into my Aunt Megan.  Family #1 score!  Then little by little we ran into others.  The rehearsal dinner was at a nice little restaurant a few miles away.  It was a great evening, and a wonderful time to visit and catch up with everyone.  As well as honor and celebrate Whitney and Paul and the weekend ahead.

Aunt Megan retelling the story of when Aunt Missy (Whitney’s mom) found out about Paul, while she, my mom, and Aunt Boo were in New Mexico.  Missy didn’t think there was too much to worry about.  Paul was just “a starter boyfriend”.  How serious can it be?

Some of these faces will look familiar… Mom and Dad.  Kevin, who was sitting next to Aunt Dee (great aunt), Kaitlin with soon-to-be Cal Poly alumni Breanne.

Stephen, Mom being goofy, people, Coleman, Colleen, and Kaitlin.


Aunt Dee still talking Kevin’s ear off, Tricia – holla she was able to get an earlier flight from Chicago, Chris, Bre, Bre and Kait (bunny ears!), Paige and Coleman, and Chris and Colleen.

After the dinner we all went back to the hotel.  Aunt Missy and Uncle Mark had a suite, so the party continued there.  My camera did not though.  Tricia wanted to make sure that there was a party while she was there!

The next morning Whitney, her bridesmaids, and family went to the Dry Bar in Palo Alto to get their/our hair done.  And perfect timing, just earlier in the week there was a groupon deal.  Holla, score! 


Some bunny stopped by to visit…  Easter weekend = Easter bunny!


That’s me in the stripes!  Take what you can get for now.  Obviously I couldn’t walk around, get my hair done, and take pictures of myself.  😉

Darn aperture was set too low.  Oh well.


Lunch, sprinkles cupcakes, then back to the hotel for some to finish getting ready and to the wedding site for others to do the same.

I did not pull an “uncle bob”.  As a photographer, I’m respectful when I’m at weddings.  Let the paid pro do what he’s paid to do.  But here’s the bride being escorted by her dad down the aisle.

Lovely ceremony.  Kiss the bride.  Then the recessional!  🙂

While we were sticking together waiting for the big family photo, I carried my camera around to take pictures myself.  Ummm, when I can get to playing with pictures Stephen took, you’ll see that I’m very talented at holding a camera and a glass of champagne at the same time.  🙂  Here’s Megan and Malcolm, Mom’s baby sister and her hubby.

Tricia and Kevin (or K-Money as she called her at the post wedding daquari party), Paige and Kait, Dad, Bre and SLO County family.


Stephen, Colleen and Chris, paparazzi.


I like these!  Back seat buddies!, SILs, those guys.

So… Breanne’s boyfriend came too.  This was the first time a lot of us met him… He passed the test!


Aunt Missy looked beautiful.  Chris the DJ working hard controlling the volume from his phone.  I love technology!

I think those lights are San Jose.  Either way, it was a gorgeous view!

Again, the post party wasn’t captured with my camera.  My family all took off to go home.  Kevin and I stayed to hang out and enjoy our weekend.  Sunday, instead of celebrating Easter, we took a drive.  More on that later though… 🙂

[…] after Whitney and Paul’s wedding, was Easter.  Being as this year was already “out of sorts” with being out of town and […]

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Little Gianni

Ummmm… this little guy is going to be a heart breaker when he grows up.  Good thing his mom is a doctor, she’ll be mending all the broken hearts.

They call him Monkey.  So fitting.  🙂

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Merced County Sheriff Posse 2013

I was honored to be asked to photograph the Merced County Sheriff Posse for their annual photos.  And I happen to be high school classmates of 2 of the members.  Let me tell you, this was an experience.  And to be quite honest, I don’t know what’s more difficult… kids or horses!  Either way all of the individual photos were taken.

Then the group photos were taken.  From ground level…

And from a boom lift!  Have I ever told you I’m afraid of heights?  I don’t know if I was more scared for my life or the fear of dropping my camera.  Yes, this gal doesn’t like to use a neck strap, so there just isn’t one on my camera.  Not a good idea on this day.  Live and learn…

All in all it was a great day!  I even have a tan line to prove it!  (Note to self… the sun is still out on windy days…)

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Danbom Family

It was a windy, sunny Sunday afternoon.  But we braved it and got out there.  Trying to find shelter from the wind of course!

Its sooooo fun seeing the different personalities of these three.  Birth order at it’s finest.  And I say that because I can totally relate (oldest of 4 in the house!).

Such a handsome little guy!

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The Girls


On January 1st, the baby turned ONE!  I can’t even believe how fast she’s growing up.  And later that month her big sisters turned THREE!  Seriously, where has time gone!  So we combined their one year and three year sessions into one, which is always fun!  Look how stinkin’ CUTE these girls are!!!

Booking sessions!  Contact me today for availability.

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