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Teaser: Nolan

Booking sessions!  Contact me today for availability.

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2012 Annual Favorites

Traditions are good.  I like traditions.  My family has traditions for holidays, birthdays, etc.  Work has traditions.  And I think it’s time to start a new tradition at Courtney Ann Photography.  Though this is getting out there a little late, but nonetheless it’s getting done.  Starting with all of my 2012 sessions, at the beginning(ish) of the new year I’m going to post my favorite picture from each session and allow you, the readers and clients, the chance to vote on your favorite.  And yes, you can of course vote for your own.

So here are the rules.  Above each picture is a number.  At the bottom of this post you’ll see a link to a voting poll.  The number associated to the picture is what you vote for.  AND you can vote for up to 3 pictures!  But you can only vote once, and only votes through the poll count.  Share this blog post on facebook.  Email it to your friends and family.  Tweet it.  Instagram it (tag me @camontague #courtneyannphotography).  Call people on your old rotary phone.  Whatever your method is, do it!  More votes = higher chance of winning.  Voting ends Sunday, March 24th.

What do you win you ask?  The winner, winner gets a $100 dollar credit towards a session from when the contest ends through October 1, 2013.  And guess what, I’m so nice I’ll even give the 2nd runner up a gift – an 11×14 canvas wrap ($55 value) of YOUR favorite image from your 2012 session.  How does that sound?  Any questions?  So let the games begin…

























2012 Annual Favorites Poll

Fine print:
While you can vote for more than one image at a time, you will only be able to vote once.  Only voting via this online poll counts toward the vote.  Courtney Ann Photography reserves the right to modify the contest or prizes as necessary. No purchase necessary to win. While “likes” and comments on Facebook are nice, they do NOT count toward the final vote.  Poll will be closed at midnight on 3/24/2013.

Summer Williams - March 24, 2013 - 4:14 am

Make sure you guys vote for Jamielee Townsend Caredio family!

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Friday Fun-day

Oy vey!  What.a.WEEK!  I am sooooo glad the weekend is here.  Can I get an AMEN?

I’m so excited, tonight I’m getting together with some of the local P31 girls!  P31 is a women’s Christian photographer group that is nationwide, connecting and uplifting each other.  These women are fabulous!  And I’m excited to see a few of the Northern Central Valley group tonight!

Is it Oscar weekend?  Honestly, I’ve never been one that gets all excited to watch award shows.
Funny Movies Ecard: I can
Some of you may know, if you follow me on instagram, that I’ve been slowly remodeling my bathroom.  Slowly because I refuse to charge things or go into debt.  And I can only purchase so much per paycheck.  Plus, this is a total DIY project.  Using my own 2 hands to do a bulk of the labor.  Of course along with the strong, willing, and available hands of my Dad and Kevin as well.  This weekend is “knock the crap out the of the demo/strip it/chip it”.  I have the rest of the current flooring to get up, sand the existing vanity and cabinetry, as well as strip the paint of the drawer and cabinet doors.  I want to start getting new things into the bathroom.  I want be able to use the bathroom.  I’m getting tired of showering on the other side of the house and putting my make-up on in the hallway mirror.

Ohmygoshit’salmostMarch! (Please do not confuse the run on gosh it’s as something else).  Where did February go?!?!

LIES! I’m still looking for affordable heels that don’t hurt after 15 minutes!

From the Daily Dishonesty series by Lauren Nicole Hom

Though I’ve been working on it since the end of the year, I’m this close to pushing out my new pricing for photo sessions.  In case you’re interested in getting the current (soon to be old) rate of $100 for a session including a disc, you better book now.  I’m just sayin’.  🙂

I’m sooooooo ready for spring!
End of Autumn vs. beginning of Spring.

I do this ALL THE TIME.

I’m about to hit this point.  So I best check out and go grab some lunch.
Pinned Image


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Caramel By The Sea

In early December I went on a little weekend getaway to celebrate someone’s birthday as well as me making it through the busy fall session with photo sessions.  Years ago I had won a weekend in Carmel from friends that have a cottage, so it was long overdue to cash in on that prize.  And it was worth it!  My big girl camera didn’t really come out until the last day.  So first you’ll see my lovely iphone/instagrammed pictures from our time around downtown.  We walked, we window shopped, we went to the beach (and a beautiful day it was), we went into Monterey for dinner and some shopping.

A delicious chicken pesto panini from a cafe/coffee shop on Ocean Street.

Now for the big girl camera pictures…
Looks totally thrilled to be shopping doesn’t he?  He asked for it…giving his daughter a budget and time to shop.

I’m ready to go back.  I think one weekend a month isn’t too much to ask is it?

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