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Disneyland – September 2015

My happy place!!!  At least one of a few…


Kaitlin and I went to Disneyland in September of 2015 to participate in #3 out of 4 RunDisney 5ks.  That was a goal of ours for the year, and we did it!  Plus it was an excellent way to make sure we used out Annual Passes.  And since it was just the 2 of us, I decided to bring my big girl camera (aka not just the iphone) to take pictures of all the 60th Diamond Celebration stuff.

disneyland-sept-2015-001 disneyland-sept-2015-002

No trip is complete without a minimum a mint julep!
disneyland-sept-2015-005 disneyland-sept-2015-008 disneyland-sept-2015-010 disneyland-sept-2015-013 disneyland-sept-2015-014 disneyland-sept-2015-015

LOVED Carthay Circle all jazzed up!  So glamorous!

disneyland-sept-2015-017 disneyland-sept-2015-021 disneyland-sept-2015-023 disneyland-sept-2015-027 disneyland-sept-2015-029 disneyland-sept-2015-030 disneyland-sept-2015-032 disneyland-sept-2015-039 disneyland-sept-2015-041 disneyland-sept-2015-034 disneyland-sept-2015-036 disneyland-sept-2015-045 disneyland-sept-2015-048 disneyland-sept-2015-050 disneyland-sept-2015-052 disneyland-sept-2015-056 disneyland-sept-2015-059 disneyland-sept-2015-064 disneyland-sept-2015-066 disneyland-sept-2015-069

This is what happens when someone sees you with your big girl camera… They ask if you can take a picture of them with their phone, they offer to take a picture of you…with your Nikon.  Not the point and shoot that people are used to…  So what, we’re a little blurry.

disneyland-sept-2015-070 disneyland-sept-2015-071 disneyland-sept-2015-074 disneyland-sept-2015-078 disneyland-sept-2015-080 disneyland-sept-2015-081 disneyland-sept-2015-086 disneyland-sept-2015-088 disneyland-sept-2015-091 disneyland-sept-2015-093

Um, ya!  Who knew that the Pixar parade SHOOTS WATER AT PEOPLE?!?  Well we sure didn’t, until we got wet!

disneyland-sept-2015-096 disneyland-sept-2015-097 disneyland-sept-2015-100

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Diffy’s at the Zoo

Ya hi, remember me?  The one who’s a late post-er?  But if I didn’t blog it, it didn’t happen.  Right?  Well that little baby bump, he’s now my 14 month old nephew!!!  And the little dude, I pretty much worship the ground he walks on.  And he knows it!!!  Before little brother came along, I drove down to Fresno to go to the zoo with my Sis and her family.

zoo-with-diffys-001 zoo-with-diffys-003 zoo-with-diffys-004 zoo-with-diffys-005 zoo-with-diffys-007 zoo-with-diffys-012 zoo-with-diffys-014 zoo-with-diffys-015

Courtney - December 19, 2016 - 12:46 pm

I know Paige!!! He’s gotten sooooo big! Same with the kiddo in the belly. 🙂

Paige - December 18, 2016 - 7:59 pm

Holy cow! Who is that kid?!

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Kid Session // The C Boys

In case you need a little more Christmas inspiration…  The little guy wasn’t too sure of the wagon situation though…

2015-11-28 Correia Boys - 004 2015-11-28 Correia Boys - 005 2015-11-28 Correia Boys - 013 2015-11-28 Correia Boys - 016 2015-11-28 Correia Boys - 020 2015-11-28 Correia Boys - 021

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Family Session // The N’s

It’s that time of the year again!  Who needs schedule a session for their Christmas cards?

2015-11-07 Nyman - 018 2015-11-07 Nyman - 025 2015-11-07 Nyman - 030 2015-11-07 Nyman - 044 2015-11-07 Nyman - 065 2015-11-07 Nyman - 067 2015-11-07 Nyman - 001 2015-11-07 Nyman - 003 2015-11-07 Nyman - 007 2015-11-07 Nyman - 013

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Big Sur and 17 Mile Drive

So this happened… LAST YEAR!  Yes, like July 2015, over 14 months ago.  So you see, a year ago summer I hosted an intern.  She, Molly, was/is from Wisconsin.  And there were other out of state interns.  So we went on a tourist day to Carmel/Monterey/Big Sur/17 Mile Drive.  Evidence below…

This is Molly.  She was awesome, had no filter, and said it like it is.  I miss Molly.

carmel-with-interns-008 carmel-with-interns-010 carmel-with-interns-012 carmel-with-interns-014 carmel-with-interns-015 carmel-with-interns-017 carmel-with-interns-018 carmel-with-interns-019 carmel-with-interns-001 carmel-with-interns-002 carmel-with-interns-004

Apparently I didn’t get pictures of the other interns.  So I hope you enjoyed Molly, the squirrel, and the scenery.

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