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Newborn // Baby B

I love it when new little peanuts join us!  Especially when little peanuts belong to people that I’ve known forever.  This little princess’s mom is one of my sister’s bff’s!  Like they go way back, and have maintained their friendship through the years.

2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-001 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-004 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-006 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-009

2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-016 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-018 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-019 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-022 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-023 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-025 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-027 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-030 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-033 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-036 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-039 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-040 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-044 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-049 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-054 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-058 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-061 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-067 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-070 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-072 2016-10-08-baby-bernardi-074

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Kid Session // The C Boys

These boys are the CUTEST!

2016-10-correia-boys-002 2016-10-correia-boys-004 2016-10-correia-boys-006 2016-10-correia-boys-009 2016-10-correia-boys-011 2016-10-correia-boys-013 2016-10-correia-boys-015

Just a few years ago, their parents were married up on these steps.

2016-10-correia-boys-018 2016-10-correia-boys-019 2016-10-correia-boys-022 2016-10-correia-boys-023 2016-10-correia-boys-026 2016-10-correia-boys-028 2016-10-correia-boys-032 2016-10-correia-boys-033 2016-10-correia-boys-034 2016-10-correia-boys-036 2016-10-correia-boys-038 2016-10-correia-boys-040 2016-10-correia-boys-043 2016-10-correia-boys-045

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Disneyland – September 2015

My happy place!!!  At least one of a few…


Kaitlin and I went to Disneyland in September of 2015 to participate in #3 out of 4 RunDisney 5ks.  That was a goal of ours for the year, and we did it!  Plus it was an excellent way to make sure we used out Annual Passes.  And since it was just the 2 of us, I decided to bring my big girl camera (aka not just the iphone) to take pictures of all the 60th Diamond Celebration stuff.

disneyland-sept-2015-001 disneyland-sept-2015-002

No trip is complete without a minimum a mint julep!
disneyland-sept-2015-005 disneyland-sept-2015-008 disneyland-sept-2015-010 disneyland-sept-2015-013 disneyland-sept-2015-014 disneyland-sept-2015-015

LOVED Carthay Circle all jazzed up!  So glamorous!

disneyland-sept-2015-017 disneyland-sept-2015-021 disneyland-sept-2015-023 disneyland-sept-2015-027 disneyland-sept-2015-029 disneyland-sept-2015-030 disneyland-sept-2015-032 disneyland-sept-2015-039 disneyland-sept-2015-041 disneyland-sept-2015-034 disneyland-sept-2015-036 disneyland-sept-2015-045 disneyland-sept-2015-048 disneyland-sept-2015-050 disneyland-sept-2015-052 disneyland-sept-2015-056 disneyland-sept-2015-059 disneyland-sept-2015-064 disneyland-sept-2015-066 disneyland-sept-2015-069

This is what happens when someone sees you with your big girl camera… They ask if you can take a picture of them with their phone, they offer to take a picture of you…with your Nikon.  Not the point and shoot that people are used to…  So what, we’re a little blurry.

disneyland-sept-2015-070 disneyland-sept-2015-071 disneyland-sept-2015-074 disneyland-sept-2015-078 disneyland-sept-2015-080 disneyland-sept-2015-081 disneyland-sept-2015-086 disneyland-sept-2015-088 disneyland-sept-2015-091 disneyland-sept-2015-093

Um, ya!  Who knew that the Pixar parade SHOOTS WATER AT PEOPLE?!?  Well we sure didn’t, until we got wet!

disneyland-sept-2015-096 disneyland-sept-2015-097 disneyland-sept-2015-100

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Diffy’s at the Zoo

Ya hi, remember me?  The one who’s a late post-er?  But if I didn’t blog it, it didn’t happen.  Right?  Well that little baby bump, he’s now my 14 month old nephew!!!  And the little dude, I pretty much worship the ground he walks on.  And he knows it!!!  Before little brother came along, I drove down to Fresno to go to the zoo with my Sis and her family.

zoo-with-diffys-001 zoo-with-diffys-003 zoo-with-diffys-004 zoo-with-diffys-005 zoo-with-diffys-007 zoo-with-diffys-012 zoo-with-diffys-014 zoo-with-diffys-015

Courtney - December 19, 2016 - 12:46 pm

I know Paige!!! He’s gotten sooooo big! Same with the kiddo in the belly. 🙂

Paige - December 18, 2016 - 7:59 pm

Holy cow! Who is that kid?!

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Kid Session // The C Boys

In case you need a little more Christmas inspiration…  The little guy wasn’t too sure of the wagon situation though…

2015-11-28 Correia Boys - 004 2015-11-28 Correia Boys - 005 2015-11-28 Correia Boys - 013 2015-11-28 Correia Boys - 016 2015-11-28 Correia Boys - 020 2015-11-28 Correia Boys - 021

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